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  • Fun Lighting Tips for Your Kids’ Room

    Lighting-Tips-For-Your-Kids-Room-Moms-Bunk-House-TexasSure, you could leave the boring ol’ globe light in the ceiling and your kids will likely never notice that the lighting in their room is nothing special. OR you could tap into your creative side and create great lighting that will help get your kids’ imagination flowing. The latter sounds like a pretty good plan to us, wouldn’t you agree? As any homeowner knows, lighting is an integral part of making a house feel like home. From ambient bedroom lighting to kitchen track lighting, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to finding the right lighting for your specific needs and style.

    While many people focus their lighting efforts on the bedroom, living room, and kitchen, it is important to not forget about your little ones. Sure, their eye for design probably hasn’t developed yet, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve fun and unique lighting in their bedroom. With the DIY movement in full swing, there are tons of different ways you can create fun, inspiring, and useful lighting in your kid’s room. There is something unique and special about lighting, as it allows you to change the look and mood of a room with the flip of a switch, quite literally. When decorating your kid’s room, it is important that you consider the lighting throughout each step of the process. By taking the time to integrate lighting that matches the theme of the room or your overall decorating scheme, you will be able to create an exciting, beneficial, and fun atmosphere for your child’s space.

    Below you will find a series of lighting tips for every purpose, from encouraging reading and downtime or homework to helping create a magical wonderland of amusement.

    • Know the Different Types of Lighting
      • The first step to finding the right lighting for your child’s room is understanding the basic types of lighting, which are as follows:

        • Ambient Lighting - This type of lighting is used to create a pleasant, nurturing glow that will promote feelings of relaxation and calmness. Overhead fixtures are the most common way to create this vibe.
        • Task Lighting - This is an important one for your kiddo’s room, as it is the type of light that will illuminate specific activities, such as reading or homework. Look for sconces or fun lamps that can be turned on and off at their leisure to create this type of lighting.
        • Accent Lighting - This type of lighting is typically used to highlight various design elements. While your kids may not care so much about accent lighting, it provides a great opportunity for you to put the spotlight on a specific piece of artwork, award, or some other focal point.
    • Consider Safety

    Now that you understand what the different types of lighting are, it’s time to move on. Before you do anything else, it is important that you always have safety in mind when shopping for lighting. Depending on how old your kids are, steer clear of fixtures that are breakable and may pose danger to your children. Opt for wood lamps over glass or pottery, and consider recessed lighting in place of wall fixtures, especially if you have young boys in your house!

    • Think About Nightlights

    Many children are afraid of the dark, which is 100% normal. With this in mind, make sure you use nightlights in a way that will make your kids feel at ease and provide them with guidance to the bathroom or their bedroom door. Many children prefer to sleep with soft lighting, which you can easily implement by using LED lights on the ceiling, for one.

    We hope you have gained some inspiration from the above tips and are well on your way to creating a well-lit, imaginative space for your child! Keep in mind that another great way to integrate smart lighting is with a fun - and practical - ceiling fan. Browse our selection of kids ceiling fans today, you are sure to find something that speaks to your child and their interests!

  • Tips for Decorating Your Toddler’s Room

    Toddlers-Room-Decor-Ideas-Moms-Bunk-HouseDecorating any room in your home is a fun and creative experience, no matter how many times you have done it before. There is just something about slapping a new coat of paint on the walls and transforming a room into something fresh and new. When it comes to finding inspiration for your child’s room, your options are truly endless. From going with a theme to focusing on a specific color palette or deciding on a focal piece and building from there, you can go in many different directions. While you may have spent a lot of time and effort making your new baby’s room perfect, it may be time for a change a few years down the road. Chances are your toddler won’t exactly be able to voice his or her opinion when it comes to where the bed should go or which colors complement one another the best, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have some kind of role.

    Depending on how old your kiddo is, we encourage you to include them in some way during the decorating phase. Whether that means incorporating their favorite character or toy in some manner or having them pick a color or pattern to go on the walls, you are sure to create wonderful memories - and a beautiful space - by working together.

    There are so many different directions you can go in when it comes to redecorating your toddler’s bedroom. For many parents, the idea of spending a lot of money on decorations for their child’s room just doesn’t seem right. Thankfully, there are tons of things you can do that are budget-friendly and will leave you with a stunning, creative space. Below you will find some of our favorite tips for decorating a toddler’s room. If we missed anything, please feel free to share!

    • Make sure you have a plan in place before you start. There are many instances where “flying by the seat of your pants” is a good idea, but decorating a toddler’s just isn’t one of them. Before you get the paint brush out, spend some time planning what you hope to accomplish. There are tons of wonderful resources out there today - such as Pinterest - that will help steer you in the right direction. Planning will also help save you a lot of time and stress, which is never a bad thing!
    • Stick to a theme or color palette. One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their toddler’s room is getting carried awayand pulled in multiple directions. In order to wind up with a finished project you can all get behind, do your best to stick to one color or pattern theme. Whether you are using bold colors, stripes, or flower patterns, decide on one and build from there.
    • Buy some staple furniture pieces. Sure, there is nothing wrong with handy-me-downs or perusing your local thrift store for furniture for your kid’s room, but there are certain things that you should buy new. From your child’s first “big kid” bed to a sturdy toy chest or dresser, there are tons of affordable pieces of furniture that will be perfect for your child’s room at Mom’s Bunk House.
    • Don’t be afraid to get crafty and creative. While you should do your best to stick to a theme, you should also leave room for yourself to get creative and have some fun with the project. In some cases, you will need to reach outside of your comfort zone in order to create a space for your toddler that is beautiful, functional, and unique. From painting a mural on the wall to using lights in a fun and different way, there are many different ways to get crafty.

    We hope you can take some inspiration from the above tips and have a blast decorating your toddler’s room!

  • Tips for Decorating a Shared Kids’ Bedroom

    Moms-Bunk-House-Shared-Kids-Bedroom-Bunk-Bed-Day-Bed-Color-SchemeThere are many different scenarios in which your kids may be sharing a bedroom, whether you simply don’t have enough rooms in your home or you are trying to encourage sibling bonding. Depending on their age, a joint bedroom could be a welcome thought, as it will allow them to share ideas and aspirations and always have a play buddy by their side. However, many children do not take so kindly to this idea of doubling up with their annoying little brother or sister. So, what do you do? For starters, you need to make the space creative, fun, and the perfect combination of both kids’ interests. There are plenty of ways you can do this, from putting up a simple and whimsical divider curtain to allowing your kids to pick out their own bedding configuration.

    Furthermore, you will quickly find (once you begin shopping for furniture for the space) that there are tons of wonderful options out there when it comes to beds for a double room. From bunk beds to novelty beds, allow your kiddos to be a part of the bed selection process. This will not only ease the blow of them having to share a room, but will allow them to choose something that is truly theirs, in a major way.

    Let’s now go over a few handy tips to help you decorate a shared kids’ bedroom. As always, if you have any ideas that we’ve missed, feel free to share them! We are always looking for new suggestions and ideas to share with our community.

    Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Divide the Space. As briefly mentioned above, one great hack for creating two individual spaces out of one is to put up some sort of divider. Whether you go with a simple curtain or tapestry or are more ambitious and want to put up a pocket door, the end result will be the same. This is great option if you are working with a little bit larger of a room, as it won’t feel too cramped.

    Tip #2: Consider a Daybed. Now keep in mind this may not work for everyone, however, it could be a great option if you have two girls, for example, that are twins or about the same age. A daybed, or trundle bed, is also a great space saver, as one bed pulls out from under the other. Check out our daybed selection here and see if any may work for your situation.

    Tip #3: Think About Your Color Scheme. One of our favorite tricks for turning a shared bedroom into two individual rooms is to start with a pretty neutral color palette. For example, if you begin with white furniture and even white walls, your kids can then decorate ‘their’ part of the room as they wish, without it clashing with the rest of the room. This is a great way to give your kids a say in the decoration process, too.

    Tip #4: Two Words: Bunk Beds. If your kids are in their pre-teen years you may want to consider bunk beds, as they are a fun and entertaining option for bedding, as well as a space saver. There are numerous different types of bunk beds out there today, allowing you and your kids to choose the set that best meets your needs and style.

    Tip #5: Mix and Match. Last but certainly not least, another great tip for decorating a shared room is to mix and match patterns and colors. This will once again provide your kids with the opportunity to dive into their creative side and make a part of the room their own.

    Be sure and check out our wide selection of children’s furniture - especially our bedding and organization pieces. We hope you now have a better idea of how you can transform a shared bedroom into a fun and interesting space for both your kiddos. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Paint Outside the Box: Paint a Mural in Your Child’s Bedroom

    paint-outside-the-box-kids-room-moms-bunk-house-best-bunk-beds-for-childrens-bedroomSpring is upon us and summer is right around the corner, so why not step outside the box and have a little fun with your child’s bedroom decor? There are plenty of ways to introduce a fun color scheme or unique design to your child’s room that both parent and kiddo will love. With warmer months here, there is no better time to think bright and bring a pop - or two - of color and creativity into your child’s personal space. From fun wall stencils to innovative brush strokes, your options are truly endless. One of our favorite kids’ room decorating ideas of late is a mural. Wall murals are truly inspirational and allow you to dig deep into your creative side and come up with something new and different from your child’s walls. Whether you just recently brought your little one home from the hospital and want them to grow up in a room full of inspiration and color, or you and your soon-to-be teenager are looking for a project to do together, a mural could be a wonderful option.

    Once you’ve made the decision to paint a mural on your child’s walls you can start thinking about which wall you want to transform, what colors you want to use, and what other items may complement the new design. From fun and supportive bunk beds to an exciting novelty bed or ‘grown up’ sleigh bed, there are tons of bedding options that will allow your mural to truly shine, while still keeping your child’s comfort in mind.

    Since it is the beginning of the week, we thought it would be fun to go over a few of our favorite mural ideas. If you have any that we missed, we’d love to hear them! This time of year is all about ‘in with the new, out with the old’, and we are always looking for fresh and exciting ideas to help decorate a child’s bedroom. That being said, here are a few mural ideas for your kid’s room:

    • Think Scenic

    One of the most popular - and easiest - murals to tackle is one featuring a stunning scenery. From a lazy countryside to fluffy clouds in the sky or a mountainscape, there are many different directions to go with this. If your child is old enough, ask their opinion and see what seems the most attractive, then all you have to do is get started!

    • Don’t Be Afraid to Use Logos

    If your kiddo is into Batman, trains, cars, horses, or some other novelty thing, don’t be afraid to get creative and use logos to integrate their favorite themes. Oftentimes you can find stencils or wall decals in many different themes, providing you with the opportunity to take your mural one step further.

    • Go the Custom Route

    Creating a mural for your child’s room should be a fun and creative experience, for both of you! Whether you have an artsy side or not, there are many options for custom sketches out there today. You can even search for a local muralist and have them draw up an idea for you, making various revisions until it is exactly what you had in mind.

    • Don’t Forget About the Corners

    The corners in any given room are often under utilized, which is a shame because they offer a wonderful alternative to really get creative. Think about drawing an abstract sun in the corner of a door frame, using the door as a ‘cloud’ that the sun is peeking out from!

    We hope you now have a better idea of how you can implement a fun and creative mural onto your child’s walls. Remember to check out our wide selection of children’s furniture for the perfect pieces to complement your final project!

  • The Top Benefits of Ceiling Fans

    Kids-Room-Fan-Moms-Bunk-House-TexasThere are many wonderful benefits to integrating ceiling fans into your home, especially when it comes to your kids’ rooms. While many people opt to have a ceiling fan installed in their living room, dining room, and kitchen, the bedrooms are oftentimes neglected. Believe it or not, but there are numerous reasons why you should think about having a ceiling fan installed in your child’s room that go beyond simply cooling off the room. In fact, using ceiling fans throughout the home drastically reduces energy costs, while also providing comfort, lighting, and style at the same time. Even though people oftentimes go the air conditioning route - especially in humid climates - there is something to be said for incorporating ceiling fans, instead. When looking for an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective way to cool off your child’s room, without the style having to suffer, think about the ceiling fan route. Many kids’ ceiling fans - like those offered through Mom’s Bunk House - are fun and colorful, adding a splash of style to the room, while still serving a purpose.

    Now, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of ceiling fans. If you have any questions or would like to take a look at our selection, feel free to head on over to our website today.

    Benefit #1: They are energy-saving. One of the number one reasons why people decide to have ceiling fans installed in their home is because of how energy-saving they are. They can either be used on their own or to complement air conditioners, your choice. The use of ceiling fans in your child’s room is better for the environment and will also work to significantly reduce your electricity bills. Who could argue with that?!

    Benefit #2: They are a stylish. As mentioned, all the kids ceiling fans you will find on our website are stylish and colorful, allowing to you uniquely complement the interior style of your home. This just goes to show that ceiling fans are far more than just functional; they can serve as a statement piece or focal point of your child’s room.

    Benefit #3: They offer versatility. When used in your child’s bedroom, ceiling fans can help create an enjoyable environment that will work to enhance the overall feel of the space. They are versatile and allow you to cool down a room at your discretion, instead of relying on the air conditioner kicking on whenever the temperatures soar.

    Benefit #4: They provide functional illumination. Another great thing about ceiling fans is that they oftentimes come equipped with lights, allowing you to contribute to the layered lighting design of your child’s room. Fans with built-in lights are a great way for you to change up the lighting in your kids’ room, whether it is time for bed or story time.

    Benefit #5: They add year-round value. Last but certainly not least, many people are unaware that ceiling fans can actually be used to circulate warm air during the cooler months of the year. All you have to do is run the blades clockwise and the fan will work to push warm air down from the ceiling. This is a helpful tip that will allow you to regulate the temperature in your child’s room, no matter what time of the year it is.

    Remember to check out our kids’ ceiling fan selection today! We have tons of wonderful options that are sure to fit in with any style and theme.

  • Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

    Baby Nursery - Moms Bunk HousePlanning and decorating a nursery is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Whether it is your first child or third, getting the nursery ready for your little bundle of joy is an experience you will never forget. Regardless of the anticipation you are experiencing, decorating a nursery can be stressful, especially for expectant moms. Thankfully, we have a few tips to help you get started decorating your newborn’s space that won’t cost you and arm and a leg, but will still look the part.

    Before we get started, we just wanted to point out that it is always a good idea to plan for the future. When picking out items to go in your newborn’s room, it may be a good idea to consider integrating a few pieces of furniture fit for older kids. This way, the new addition to your family will have room - and furniture - to grow into as he or she gets older!

    Without further ado, here are a few tips to help you get started on your new nursery:

    Tip #1. Know Your Space. First and foremost, it is a good idea to measure the room you are planning on turning into a nursery. While this may seem silly, this is a good way to make sure you understand how much room you are working with. By knowing the dimensions of the room, you won’t have to worry about falling in love with a crib, glider, or changing table that won’t fit.

    Tip #2. Get Personal. It can be easy to get caught up with all the adorable wallpaper options, stuffed animals, and different wall designs and forget to add something personal. Try to incorporate lots of colorful pictures and family photos to the walls - this will help your newborn begin to recognize the familial faces and will help transform the space into one you will love hanging out in, too.

    Tip #3. Don’t Forget About Storage. An organized room will help you feel better and less frantic and chaotic after a long night/day or a crying, fussy baby. Be sure and check out the kids furniture and kids storage options available through Mom’s Bunk House, there are plenty of great options that are sure to fit with the style of your space while still providing you with awesome storage and organization options.

    Tip #4. Make a Statement with Paint. A good rule of thumb is always to pick paint colors last, as it can be more difficult to find a fabric or rug that matches a paint color than the other way around. Get creative once you settle on a paint color and make a statement! Broad stripes, stencils, a mural, or painting just one wall a bold color are all great options when it comes to your child’s nursery.

    These four tips should give you a good place to start when it comes to decorating your child’s nursery. Whether you are having a boy or girl, or waiting to be surprised, you should be on the right track by following the above tips. Also be sure and check out our online kids furniture selection, as we have tons of awesome rocking chairs, storage units, cribs, and more!

  • Tips For Decorating Your Child’s Room on a Budget

    Kids Room With A Green TentAre you in the mood to give your kids’ room a makeover, but don’t have the budget for anything extravagant? If so, you’re in luck. We understand how picky kids can be and the different phases that they go through, including how they want their room designed. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can decorate your child’s room without breaking the bank.

    From slapping a new coat of paint on the walls to getting crafty with fun paper cutouts and decals, there is plenty you can do to give your kids the room of their dreams, without spending a fortune. Once you’ve decided which direction you are going to go with the decorating, be sure and check out our numerous options for kids’ bunks and beds, furniture, decor, bedding, playsets, and more!

    Here is a look at our top budget-friendly tips for your child’s room:

    1. Artwork. Adding artwork to the walls of your kids’ room is a great way to give the room a new look without spending too much. One fun option is to make your own garlands or buntings using tissue paper or materials from the mobiles you used to have hanging above their crib. Or you can channel your inner artist and head down to your local crafts store to pick up a canvas and some paint. Personalize your piece of artwork (such as lyrics from a song you have always sung them) and see what a difference it will make on the walls!
    1. Pick a theme. It is likely that your kids will grow out of the themed room you decorated for them when they were younger, but that doesn’t mean another theme is out of the question! This doesn’t have to be expensive, as you can get creative and use specific colors and even print out pictures or images from whatever it is they are interested in to then be hung around the room.
    1. Repurpose and recycle. Turn that old, beaten up dresser in the garage into a colorful storage unit, or even try reupholstering a small chair for their room. Thrift stores are a great, cheap resource that will give you plenty of options when it comes to redecorating. If you aren’t feeling too ambitious, you can simply stain an old dresser, bench, or bookshelf to give it a new look.
    1. Create child-friendly displays. Depending on your kids’ age, it could be fun to create shelving displays that allow your kids to access their toys right down at their own level. Repurpose some old shelving or head to the thrift store again, give them a new paint job, and strategically place your kids’ toys and books so they can access them whenever they want.

    Giving your child’s room a new look doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, it will just take a little bit of creativity and help from Mom’s Bunk House!

  • 4 Money Saving Tips for Kids’ Bedroom Furniture and Decor

    Family Saving Money In PiggybankWith the holiday season approaching, families across the country are feeling the financial pinch of preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the colder winter months. We all want to have a wonderful holiday time with our families, but we also need to keep our financial plans organized and stay within our budgets.

    If new furniture or decor upgrades for the kids’ rooms are on your holiday to-do list, you know the challenges of getting something nice for your kids without breaking the bank. At Mom’s Bunk House, we work with families just like yours everyday to help create a great bedroom at a great price. Check out the great money savings tips below, and you’ll be able to fit a kids’ bedroom into your holiday finances without breaking a sweat.

    Plan and Budget Carefully. When you’re trying to get a lot done without spending a lot of money, planning and budgeting are key. You don’t want to just start shopping without a clear idea of how much you can spend and what your priorities are. Once you’ve got a clear idea of your budget, you can consider how to best allocate your spending to meet your main needs.

    Painted By KidsDesign your own Decor. The kids’ bedroom is probably the best place in the house for DIY decor!Kids love to make arts and crafts, and they’re proud to display trophies, photos, great homework projects, and more. A thoughtful collection of your kids’ favorite memories and artwork can turn a dull bedroom into a beautiful gallery of your child’s best moments - and of course, it’s free! This is a great example of where you spend time, not money, to achieve a great result.

    Invest in Quality. While getting a great deal is always fun, for essential furniture items, cheapest usually isn’t best - and will often cost more in the long run. You’re usually better off to invest in real quality for items like beds, dressers, desks, and other major furniture pieces. A good quality item can last for many years, and will also be better designed, more functional, and safer.

    Daddy Is ThinkingGo Step-by-Step. Trying to do a complete bedroom redesign all at once will usually end up costing you more than doing things in stages. With too many different things to think about, you’ll be less organized and less able to plan carefully. You’ll also end up being pressured to make decisions, and you’ll have less ability to coordinate your choices. Unless you’re facing some kind of bedroom design emergency, it’s usually better to go slowly and carefully.

    Remember that at Mom’s Bunk House, we offer a 100% price match guarantee, meaning that we’re sure you’ll never find better prices on our products anywhere the web. We hope these tips help you and your family have a wonderful and affordable holiday season!

    -The Mom’s Bunk House Team

  • Safety Tips for the Kids' Bedrooms

    Pretty mixed race girl and Caucasian boy pretending to be superhWhen you’re thinking about furnishing and decorating your children’s bedrooms, you’ve got many different goals and ideas in mind. You want the room to look nice of course, both for you and your kids as well. You want it to be functional and allow your children to live efficiently in their own space. But more than anything else, you want to be sure that your children’s rooms are safe.

    Every parent worries about safety, and while you don’t want to go overboard and slip into that “paranoid parent” mode, you still want to be careful. Your kids will be spending lots of unsupervised time in their rooms, and especially when they’re younger, you want to be sure that their rooms are a safe environment where they can play and learn without any unnecessary risks. And while nothing can ever be 100% safe, there are some real steps you can take to improve the safety of your kids’ rooms.

    Watch out for radiators and electrical outlets.

    This is a basic childproofing step that you’ll probably be taking throughout your home when a new baby is due. However, being extra careful about electrical outlets and radiators is an important first step in improving the safety of your kids’ bedrooms. Outlets should have child-proof guards placed on them, as should radiators, to prevent curious kids from potentially having a serious accident. Once your kids get a little older, you can also explain to them what these things do, and how to use them safely.

    Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

    This is a safety tip that has less to do with your kids’ behavior, and more just with general safety. However, this certainly doesn’t make it any less important. No one imagines that they will experience a fire at home, but it can happen in many ways, including cooking accidents, fireplace problems, smoking mistakes, and more. Having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your kids’ rooms will bring peace of mind and could even save lives. Remember, once you’ve installed them, test regularly and replace batteries when needed.

    Invest in quality children’s furniture.

    Children Room DetailAt Mom’s Bunk House, we strongly believe in stocking furniture that doesn’t just look great, but that is also genuinely well built and designed with safety in mind. When you’re choosing furniture for your kids’ bedrooms, always consider safety as a top priority. Good kids’ furniture will be balanced and weighted correctly so that it won't tip over, even when exposed to some roughhousing. It will be free from very sharp edges, and built without potentially toxic paint, hanging strings or cords, large panes of glass, and other child safety risks.

    By following these safety tips, you’ll be well on your way to improving your children’s rooms with safety in mind. Of course, there’s lots of other safety advice for kids that you can research, but these tips are some of the simplest and most important.

  • 3 Fun Fall Decor Ideas for the Kids

    6a00e55246b63f883401539303b00e970b-800wiSummer is officially over, and the little ones are back to school. And while we might be missing those hot and hazy days of summer, the fall can be a beautiful season full of fun family events. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just around the corner, the fall season is a wonderful time for families to come together and enjoy time together.

    Fall is also a great decorating season! With so many colors, feelings, and moods evoked by fall, there’s tons of fun seasonal design elements you can incorporate into your home to get into that cozy fall season. And of course, getting the kids involved is just another way to make fall a great time for family. In this post, we’ll give you some cute fall decor tips that both you and your kids will love.

    It’s All About the Leaves

    Perhaps nothing says fall more clearly than the changing of the leaves. As vibrant greens begin to shift into reds, oranges, and yellows, you can really start to feel the fall coming. And as the leaves fall, tons of fun craft and decor ideas come to life! How about helping your kids with a great leafy craft, like artwork that incorporates something right from your own backyard? Helping your kids make something unique using leaves will also help teach the younger ones about the changing seasons and the natural world. Just be careful that those crunchy leaves don’t make too much mess!

    Harvest Season Fun

    Fall is the traditional harvest season, and a great chance to create some harvest-themed crafts with your kids. Apples and pumpkins are both classic fall foods, and can be used in many ways. If you like baking, there are tons of apple and pumpkin goods you and your kids can work together to create. There’s also loads of decor ideas featuring fall harvest themes, like pumpkin seed collages, acorn art and crafts, and paintings featuring harvest themes. This is also a great educational opportunity to teach kids the value of hard work and patience. Fall is a time when work from the past yields benefits for the future. This is a wonderful message to kids about planning for the future.

    Homework Help

    While kids might love Halloween and Thanksgiving, the fall season brings another thing they might not love so much: homework! As parents, we can work with our kids to make a positive homework environment for them. As you spruce up the kids’ rooms for fall, make sure they’ve got a good place to work, including a good desk, chair, and bookshelf. You can also dedicate some space in your home to feature great work your kids have done in the past. Get that fridge magnet collection back to work and let kids pin their best test scores for the year, for example. Being positive and organized about school and work will help your kids achieve their best potential in this coming school year.

    We hope these simple ideas will make this fall season your best ever! It’s an exciting time of the year, and we hope your kids are off to a great school year as well. Happy Fall!

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