• 3 New Year’s Resolutions for the Kids’ Bedrooms

    New Year 2015
    Happy new year! We’ve finally started into 2015, and now’s the time of year to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. At Mom’s Bunk House, we know that your family is the most important thing to you, and that this year you’ll be thinking of ways to help your kids achieve even more in 2015.

    That’s why we’ve put together these 3 simple ideas for new year’s resolutions for your kids and the kids’ bedrooms. These are just a few ideas for how you can help set your kids up for success in this coming year.

    Get a good night’s sleep. We’re biased here at Mom’s, since we spend so much time thinking about beds! But we also know that getting a great night of rest isn’t just important for adults, it’s important for your kids, too! These days, kids are under more pressure than ever to succeed in school and in their personal lives. Getting the day started with a good night of sleep is the best thing you can do to help your kids succeed. You can help your kids by making sure they’re sleeping in a comfortable bed, and that they get to sleep on time - especially on school nights!

    Get organized. We know that kids in today are getting more and more homework at younger ages. Little Boy Blowing New Year HornSchool today requires kids to keep many different subjects and projects organized, and for some kids, a lack of organization can lead to major academic difficulties. Help your kids keep things together with a good working desk and chair, a bookshelf, and school supplies to help keep papers and books neat and organized. A child without an effective workspace is going to have challenges keeping up with homework and achieving their true potential.

    Get creative. Alright, we know those first two suggestions were a little dry. But for a little fun this new year, how about adding some creativity to the kids’ bedroom! There are so many fun activities parents and kids can do together to make a room unique, like crafts, wall paintings, and kid-friendly decorations. Little accent items like new bedsheets or wall art can really make a room feel more personal, without much cost or hassle.

    We hope these simple tips will help you find fun and effective ways to improve your kids’ bedrooms in 2015. Whatever the new year holds for your family, we would like to wish you a very happy and healthy year.

    -The Mom’s Bunk House Team.

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    cyber-monday-saleHere at Mom’s Bunk House, we love the holiday season. With Christmas just around the corner, we know that you and your family are looking forward to wonderful times together, creating new memories and enjoying some time away from school and work.

    However, we also know that holidays can be hard! All the added stress and expense of the Christmas season can make some parents feel overwhelmed. That’s why at Mom’s Bunk House, we’re making holiday shopping easy by offering you the best deals of the year in our Cyber Monday Sale!

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    We hope that you find exactly what you’re looking for at Mom’s, and we wish you a very merry Christmas and happy New Year.

    -The Mom’s Bunk House Team.

  • 4 Money Saving Tips for Kids’ Bedroom Furniture and Decor

    Family Saving Money In PiggybankWith the holiday season approaching, families across the country are feeling the financial pinch of preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the colder winter months. We all want to have a wonderful holiday time with our families, but we also need to keep our financial plans organized and stay within our budgets.

    If new furniture or decor upgrades for the kids’ rooms are on your holiday to-do list, you know the challenges of getting something nice for your kids without breaking the bank. At Mom’s Bunk House, we work with families just like yours everyday to help create a great bedroom at a great price. Check out the great money savings tips below, and you’ll be able to fit a kids’ bedroom into your holiday finances without breaking a sweat.

    Plan and Budget Carefully. When you’re trying to get a lot done without spending a lot of money, planning and budgeting are key. You don’t want to just start shopping without a clear idea of how much you can spend and what your priorities are. Once you’ve got a clear idea of your budget, you can consider how to best allocate your spending to meet your main needs.

    Painted By KidsDesign your own Decor. The kids’ bedroom is probably the best place in the house for DIY decor!Kids love to make arts and crafts, and they’re proud to display trophies, photos, great homework projects, and more. A thoughtful collection of your kids’ favorite memories and artwork can turn a dull bedroom into a beautiful gallery of your child’s best moments - and of course, it’s free! This is a great example of where you spend time, not money, to achieve a great result.

    Invest in Quality. While getting a great deal is always fun, for essential furniture items, cheapest usually isn’t best - and will often cost more in the long run. You’re usually better off to invest in real quality for items like beds, dressers, desks, and other major furniture pieces. A good quality item can last for many years, and will also be better designed, more functional, and safer.

    Daddy Is ThinkingGo Step-by-Step. Trying to do a complete bedroom redesign all at once will usually end up costing you more than doing things in stages. With too many different things to think about, you’ll be less organized and less able to plan carefully. You’ll also end up being pressured to make decisions, and you’ll have less ability to coordinate your choices. Unless you’re facing some kind of bedroom design emergency, it’s usually better to go slowly and carefully.

    Remember that at Mom’s Bunk House, we offer a 100% price match guarantee, meaning that we’re sure you’ll never find better prices on our products anywhere the web. We hope these tips help you and your family have a wonderful and affordable holiday season!

    -The Mom’s Bunk House Team

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    Last Chance to Save!

    Our Back to School Sale is Still Going - Save While You Still Can!

    Back to school sale posterSeptember is almost over, and by now your kids should be well into their studious routines. We hope the new school year has started out great for your family!

    At Mom's Bunk House, we're huge fans of the back to school season. We know it's a special time for you and your kids to embark on new challenges and embrace the adventure of the new school year.

    We also know that back to school is a great time to save! There's so much to prepare for when it comes to the new school year, we know you might not have had the chance to check out our amazing back to school discounts.

    That's why, for a short time only, we're keeping our back to school sale going! Shop today and save on an incredible selection of bunk beds for kids, children's furniture, bedroom accessories, and more, all at our guaranteed low prices and backed by Mom's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    This deals won't last forever - after all, it's almost October! But we're keeping all of our deals online for the next few days so that you busy moms and dads can shop our furniture collection and help get your kids all ready for the new year.

    So don't wait! Visit our back to school sale page today and make this the best school year ever.

    Wishing you a happy school season,
    -The Mom's Bunk House Team

  • Back to School Tips for the Kids Bedroom

    Young child holding stack of books and back to school written onAt Mom’s Bunk House, we know that one of the most important times of the year for your family is the back to school season. This is the time when your little ones get ready for a new year filled with learning, fun, challenges, and opportunities. And although it can be sad to see the summer end, the new school year is always an exciting time for you and your kids.

    Our back to school sale is still going strong here at Mom’s Bunk House, and to help you make the most of our great discounts, we’ve put together a few simple tips and ideas on how your can get your kids’ rooms ready for the new year.

    Get Ready for Homework. These days, homework is just a fact of life for kids in school. Kids are getting loads of homework every day, and it is important that parents find ways to support their kids through homework (without doing it themselves!). One way you can help your kids excel at homework is to invest in a great desk and chair. While they might look cute with their work spread across their beds, especially as kids get older, they need a proper work station to really focus and work comfortably.

    • Get Organized in General. Organizational skills are very important to succeed at school and in life. Some kids might be more organized by nature than others, but parents can help encourage kids to stay organized by giving them the right tools. In the bedroom, this can mean things like bookcases, toy boxes, dressers, and other storage solutions. By equipping your kids’ rooms with the right organizational furniture, you’re helping them keep it all together and learn how to stay organized in the future.
    • Get a Great Sleep. As adults, we know the importance of sleeping well to ensure productivity. We’ve all felt that grind of having to work after a bad night’s sleep, and we know that it is almost impossible to get anything done when feeling exhausted. The same is true for your kids! A quality bed with a good mattress that is comfortable and safe is key to ensuring your kids are well rested to perform in school. Don’t forget that unlike adults, kids are growing! You should be sure that your children’s beds haven’t become too small for them to sleep comfortably.

    We all know that school is becoming more competitive for our kids today. Like it or not, even early grades can have an impact on your children’s futures, and building good habits early is vital to your kids’ futures. We hope these tips will help you get ready for the back to school season, and we wish you a wonderful new school year


    -The Mom’s Bunk House Team

  • Back to School Sale: Unbeatable Savings on Kids' Beds & More!

    Back to school sale message against brainstorm doodles on notepaIt's finally here! Back to school is every parent's favorite season: that magical time when your kids are finally out from under foot and back learning the three Rs. But back to school is about more than just academics - it's also the best time of the year to shop and save for an amazing selection of furniture at Mom's Bunk House!

    To help make this your best back to school ever, Mom's Bunk House is now offering dozens of amazing discounts on some of our most popular products. Shop for bunk beds, captain's beds, loft beds, desks, chairs, accessories, and more!

    Upgrading your children's rooms is a great way to have them start the school year off right. A better bed means a better sleep, and parents know that being well rested is key to success in school and in life. Not to mention that other furniture items like desks, chairs, and bookshelves are all also great ways to help kids with homework and organization.

    Our back to school sale is a yearly tradition and one of our most popular promotions. When you start the school season off right, you're helping your kids achieve their potential. A better bedroom is just one more way that you can ensure that this coming school year is the best one yet for your kids.

    So don't hesitate! Before you know it, your kids will be back in school, and this sale will be gone just like summer! Shop today and find all the best discounts on beds, furniture, and more.

    Wishing you a wonderful school year,
    -The Mom's Bunk House Team.

  • Our Sizzling Summer Sale Starts Now!

    Summer Sale Vector Illustration on Retro Blue BackgroundThe summer season is starting to really heat up, and at Mom's Bunk House, so are the savings! To help make this summer even better, we're now offering great discounts on an amazing selection of children's beds, furniture, playsets, accessories, and more!

    Here at Mom's Bunk House, we know that kids love summer, and that you love spending these long summer days relaxing and enjoying family time together. What better way to celebrate this summer season than by investing in new and high quality beds, furniture, and playsets that both you and your children will love.

    And to help make this summer fun possible, we're offering deep discounts on many of our most popular products, including our best-selling beds from leadings brands like Donco and Atlantic.

    So don't delay! Because just like summer, these deals will be gone before you know it! Click here now to shop our amazing summer savings, or just click the big banner in this post We hope your family is enjoying summer, and we wish you a happy, safe, and sunny season!


  • 4 Personal Touches Your Child Can Choose That Won’t Break The Bank

    4 Personal Touches Your Child Can Choose That Won’t Break The BankOur children are angels deep down and we want them to have everything that they want, but sometimes leaving a room choice up to them probably isn’t the best use of money since they probably can’t foresee the same things that we can. A sophisticated hardwood bedroom set may not be exactly what your 11-year-old girl wants when Dora The Explorer is available, but she will come to appreciate it later on when she grows out of Dora The Explorer. There are ways that you can avoid the unhappy fits without putting hundreds of dollars of choice in their hands.
    Drawer Pulls
    Using the handles and little knick-knacks that their furniture has is exciting on a child’s level. Adding daisy flowers and pictures of their favorite cartoon characters are a great way to change it up and give them a sense of customization without giving them too much power. Check out some of our designs and see what your little one prefers. This is a little more fun for the family because it is something that can teach your child about how not everything should be taken the way it comes. It’s a great way to show how your child has control over their world.
    Ceiling Fans
    Having a colorful ceiling fan is fun for your child because it is a dynamic part of their room and adds colorful finesse and a sense of “coolness” especially if their room has multiple colors going on. The best parts is that when your child outgrows the style of the ceiling fan, changing the blades is as easy as unscrewing a couple of screws. Easy projects make the best customizations for your family!
    Bean Bags
    Beanbags are a heap of fun and give your child a unique sense of “Cool!” when they have playmates over for playtime. Beanbags are great because if you don’t like the design on them or if your little one outgrows the design, you can just buy a new skin to put the entire bag in to “grow up” their room a little more.
    Paint and Wallpaper
    Of course, the best way to make a huge impact on your child’s bedroom (and on them) is to surprise paint their room! Wouldn’t it be great to see the expression on their face when you change their room color to their favorite colors while they’re at school? It’s always great to play dumb and act like their room changed color on its own while they were away. It’s a fun way that mom and dad can enjoy an after noon together and an even more fun way to show your child how you listen to them and let them know that their opinion matters. Give your toddler a fun surprise this summer.
    These are all great ideas to bring into the lives of your children, but they can’t be done without your family working together and starting out by browsing our selection of furniture and getting a feel for what everybody likes. This summer, make a big change or prepare for a new one. The possibilities are only limited by you, so why not start now?
    Love, Mom

  • 3 Fun and Easy Patriotic Touches for the Kids' Rooms

    Vintage Fourth of July Independence Day SignWe’re getting close to the 4th of July, and Americans across the country are getting ready to celebrate this great country and show their patriotic side. And while adults might be prepping the grill and enjoying a beverage, don’t forget that kids should be able to join in the patriotic fun too!


    Whatever the age of your children, the 4th of July is a great chance to teach some American history and help instill a patriotic pride into your little ones. And even if you keep your July 4th celebrations low-key, this is still a great opportunity to spend some family time together.


    And since we’re all about furniture and family fun here at Mom’s Bunk House, we’ve put together 3 fun ideas for America-themed decorations and enhancements for your kids’ bedrooms. We hope you like them, and happy 4th of July!


    Red, White, and Blue Bedding. Bedding is an often-overlooked way to add loads of fun and personality to your kids’ room. Buying new bedding is affordable and easy, but really makes a big visual impact on any kids’ bedroom. For the July 4th holiday, why not try out some red, white, and blue bedding! This simple touch will add a whole new theme to the kids’ room, and it might even help encourage them to make the bed!


    Accessorize for America. Another way to get a themed room without a heavy investment is to swap in some new accessories. Little things like rugs, pillows, and artwork can usually be purchased affordably and easily added to any room. Shopping for accessories can be a fun family outing, too - since these items tend to be inexpensive, you can let your kids pick their favorites without worrying too much about practicality.


    Do It Yourself. July 4th is a great occasion for some fun DIY crafts. Anything from America-themed cooking and baking, to stars-and-stripes themed paintings and decorations can all be great family fun and cool bedroom accessories too. After all, the DIY spirit is part of what makes America great!


    These are just a few ideas for creating a fun July 4th theme in your kids bedrooms. We hope these tips help you and your family create a fun atmosphere for the kids this 4th of July. From the team here at Mom’s Bunk House, we hope you have a great holiday!


  • Memorial Day Sale at Mom's Bunk House!

    Patriotic Sale - Stars & FireworksToday is Memorial Day, and to help you enjoy this long weekend, celebrate the beginning of summer, and honor our troops, Mom’s Bunk House is launching our Memorial Day sale!

     We’ve placed many of our favorite beds and other best-selling furniture items on sale, starting today and continuing only until the end of May. Shop today and find great discounts on beds and kids’ furniture in many styles, sizes, and colors.


    We hope you enjoy our new sale, as well as your long weekend! We also encourage you to take a moment today to also think of our troops abroad.


    You can view all of our sale products by clicking each link below, or just by clicking HERE, or the banner image in this post. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


    Twin/Twin Mission Bunk Bed White
    Twin/Full Mission Bunk Bed Honey with Tilt Ladder
    Twin/Full Mission Bunk Bed White with Fixed Ladder
    Twin/Twin Mission Bunk Bed Cappuccino with Fixed Ladder
    Twin/Twin Mission Bunk Bed Honey with Fixed Ladder
    Twin/Full Mission Bunk Bed Honey with Fixed Ladder
    Twin/Full Mission Bunk Bed Espresso
    Twin Tent Loft w/ Slide Espresso Finish (more options)
    Twin Tent Loft w/ Slide White Finish (more options)
    Twin/Full Mission Bunk Bed Cappuccino with Fixed Ladder
    Full/Full Mission Bunk Bed Espresso with Fixed Ladder
    Full/Full Mission Bunk Bed Cappuccino with Fixed Ladder
    Swirl Gel/Viscos Mattress with Free Pillow more options
    White Sleigh Bed by Donco more options
    Twin Low Loft Bed

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