Kids' Bedroom Furniture

  • Tips for Decorating a Shared Kids’ Bedroom

    Moms-Bunk-House-Shared-Kids-Bedroom-Bunk-Bed-Day-Bed-Color-SchemeThere are many different scenarios in which your kids may be sharing a bedroom, whether you simply don’t have enough rooms in your home or you are trying to encourage sibling bonding. Depending on their age, a joint bedroom could be a welcome thought, as it will allow them to share ideas and aspirations and always have a play buddy by their side. However, many children do not take so kindly to this idea of doubling up with their annoying little brother or sister. So, what do you do? For starters, you need to make the space creative, fun, and the perfect combination of both kids’ interests. There are plenty of ways you can do this, from putting up a simple and whimsical divider curtain to allowing your kids to pick out their own bedding configuration.

    Furthermore, you will quickly find (once you begin shopping for furniture for the space) that there are tons of wonderful options out there when it comes to beds for a double room. From bunk beds to novelty beds, allow your kiddos to be a part of the bed selection process. This will not only ease the blow of them having to share a room, but will allow them to choose something that is truly theirs, in a major way.

    Let’s now go over a few handy tips to help you decorate a shared kids’ bedroom. As always, if you have any ideas that we’ve missed, feel free to share them! We are always looking for new suggestions and ideas to share with our community.

    Tip #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Divide the Space. As briefly mentioned above, one great hack for creating two individual spaces out of one is to put up some sort of divider. Whether you go with a simple curtain or tapestry or are more ambitious and want to put up a pocket door, the end result will be the same. This is great option if you are working with a little bit larger of a room, as it won’t feel too cramped.

    Tip #2: Consider a Daybed. Now keep in mind this may not work for everyone, however, it could be a great option if you have two girls, for example, that are twins or about the same age. A daybed, or trundle bed, is also a great space saver, as one bed pulls out from under the other. Check out our daybed selection here and see if any may work for your situation.

    Tip #3: Think About Your Color Scheme. One of our favorite tricks for turning a shared bedroom into two individual rooms is to start with a pretty neutral color palette. For example, if you begin with white furniture and even white walls, your kids can then decorate ‘their’ part of the room as they wish, without it clashing with the rest of the room. This is a great way to give your kids a say in the decoration process, too.

    Tip #4: Two Words: Bunk Beds. If your kids are in their pre-teen years you may want to consider bunk beds, as they are a fun and entertaining option for bedding, as well as a space saver. There are numerous different types of bunk beds out there today, allowing you and your kids to choose the set that best meets your needs and style.

    Tip #5: Mix and Match. Last but certainly not least, another great tip for decorating a shared room is to mix and match patterns and colors. This will once again provide your kids with the opportunity to dive into their creative side and make a part of the room their own.

    Be sure and check out our wide selection of children’s furniture - especially our bedding and organization pieces. We hope you now have a better idea of how you can transform a shared bedroom into a fun and interesting space for both your kiddos. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

    Blue boys RoomFads come and go, but there are a handful of fun and creative design ideas that will help you decorate a boys room that he will love for many years to come. It’s no secret that boys can be stubborn when it comes to well, pretty much everything. It can pose quite the challenge for parents. When it comes to deciding on a theme for your growing boy’s room, we encourage you to involve him right from the start. Whether he is into superheroes, cars, Legos or astronauts, there are many ways you can incorporate the things he loves, while still keeping the space functional and timeless. Even if he may want a dungeon of a room that he can sneak off too when his sibling is driving him crazy, we encourage you to create a bright and welcoming room, if possible. For those style conscious parents, it can be hard to envision a room that is both inspiring, functional, and true to his style.

    From choosing the right color palette to picking furniture that will withstand the test of time and a theme that is a source of pride, there are numerous things you can do to create a sophisticated room for your boy.

    Decide on a Theme

    As any parent with a young boy in their household can attest to, it’s all about how cool the theme is when it comes to decorating their room. While fads come and go as boys grow into men, there are ways to steer these fads into something timeless. One such way to do this is by focusing on a theme that isn’t too overpowering, such as specific colors or perhaps a nautical theme, which you can easily turn into something more ‘grown up’ as time goes on. When integrating the theme, do your best to plan ahead and consider ways you can transform it into something well, less, superhero-like.

    Pick a Neutral Color Palette

    By using cool colors like blues, greys, and greens, you can set yourself up for a smooth transition once your teenage boy has flown the coop. While he may want a huge mural of Spiderman painted on the wall, that won’t exactly serve you five years down the road - and chances are he will soon move on to something ‘cooler’ than Spidey anyway. Instead, suggest painting the walls a neutral, welcoming color and add decals, picture frames, or other decor that can easily be replaced when the time comes.

    Consider Storage Options

    When it comes to designing a boy’s room, storage should be one of the first things on your mind. As boys grow into men, chances are they will have accumulated more paraphernalia than you even know what to do with. Enter: Storage. Not only is storage a highly functional addition to a young boys room, but it can also serve as a space-saver and nice focal piece. Consider investing in a bunk bed or loft bed for your boy’s room, as it will serve you both better than many other options down the road. Many bunk beds come with hidden storage options, and loft beds are a great way to save space and make room for other furniture pieces - such as a desk - down the road.

    When it comes to decorating your boy’s room, you may need to get creative and think outside the box. Once you have an idea of what direction you are going to go, head on down to Furniture Nation and check our selection of children’s beds, desks, chests, and more.

  • Tips for Buying High-Quality Children’s Furniture

    Children-Bedroom-Furniture-Bunk-Bed-Moms-Bunk-House-TexasIt can be tempting to take the cheap (and easy) way out when it comes to buying furniture for your kids, but chances are you will regret this decision. There are plenty of stores out there today that offer a wide selection of furniture for any need or occasion, but this doesn’t mean the pieces you will find there are of any quality. Furniture is an investment, whether you are buying a dining room table, a couch, or a bed for your growing kiddo. In order to ensure you aren’t just throwing money down the drain and buying something that will fall apart within months or a few short years, take your time and make sure you are making a quality purchase. Because there are so many different outlets to buy furniture from these days, it can be difficult to know whether you are getting some that is well-made or not. Thankfully, we have a few great tips to help guide you when it comes time to purchase children’s furniture.

    Most adults either still have or remember having a solid piece of furniture throughout the duration of their childhood, into college, and beyond. Whether a dresser, wooden chest, or bookcase that withstood the test of time, many of us can think of at least one or two pieces of furniture that lasted a lifetime. This fact alone should encourage you to take your time and do your research before jumping the gun and buying your kids furniture for their bedroom. Here at Mom’s Bunk House, we believe in providing a wide range of well-made, high-quality, affordable furniture for all your kids’ needs. From bunks beds and night stands to rockers and desks, be sure and check out our selection of children’s furniture and let quality drive your decision.

    Here are a few great tips to help you when shopping for staple furniture pieces for your kids this year:

    • Consider the different types of wood

    If you are in the market for some sturdy and beautiful wood pieces for your child’s room, it is a good idea to brush up on the different types of wood before you start shopping. Wood furniture falls into three different categories: solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood. Solid wood furniture is undoubtedly the best of the bunch, and you can actually find great deals if you look. Keep in mind that solid wood furniture is more susceptible to scratches and water rings, so it may be a good idea to consider going with something made out of veneer or particle board, especially for your kids.

    • Keep your child’s lifestyle in mind

    How old your child is and what types of activities they are into should be factored in when shopping for furniture. If you have a growing teenager who is super active with sports, you may want to look for more solid pieces that will serve their purpose without going out of style. Look for stain-resistant, tough fabrics and materials that will withstand the test of time.

    • Try to be realistic about colors and style

    While novelty furniture pieces certainly serve their purpose, it is important that you are realistic about what you are buying. Sure, your little princess may love that pink castle bed, but if she is going into her young teenage years, it may not be a worthwhile investment. There are plenty of ways to integrate fun, charming pieces that won’t leave you full of regret. However, if you have multiple girls or boys that are several years apart, you will certainly get your money’s worth with a novelty bed that you will be able to pass down as your kids grow.

    We hope these few tips give you a good place to start when it comes to buying furniture for your children. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what we have to offer here at Mom’s Bunk House, please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our website.

  • Three Simple DIY Headboard Ideas for Your Kid’s Bed

    Headboard-Ideas-Kids-Room-Moms-Bunk-House-TexasWhen it comes time to get your child a ‘big kid’ bed, chances are you will become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there today. From bunk beds and lofts to daybeds and full-size beds with wooden frames, the world is your oyster. While many beds that you will look at for your kids come with a beautiful headboard, there are many options that are more simplified than that, such as our stunning Concord bed. Let’s say both you and your growing kiddo have become smitten with this bed, but you also want a fun and functional headboard. Well, you’re in luck. No matter how crafty you may or may not be, we are confident in your ability to create a stunning and stylish DIY headboard for your child’s bed. From repurposing old picture frames to using an old fireplace mantel for an elegant look, your options are truly endless when it comes to making your own headboard. This is an especially great option for those who are looking for a budget-friendly option, and who want to bring a little personal style into their child’s room.

    Before you head to the thrift store to pick out the materials you are going to use for your headboard, be sure and browse our wide selection of beds for kids. Our wood beds, in particular, are a wonderful option to pair with a gorgeous or funky headboard that both you and your kids will be proud to show off for many years to come. Our only advice? Have fun with it and get creative! There is no wrong way to do this.

    Here are a few simple ideas for DIY headboards to get the creative juices flowing:

    • Old picture frames

    As mentioned above, old picture frames are a great way to create a unique and purposeful headboard. We recommend finding some salvaged lumber and old picture frames and transforming them into a personalized headboard, perfect for your little princess. Not sure what to put inside the frames? One option is to spell out ‘sweet dreams’ and embellish each letter with flowers or sparkles.

    • Enchanted forest

    If you are feeling super ambitious and have a knack for getting crafty, you can recreate an ‘enchanted forest’ in your little one’s room. All you will need is some real (or fake, your choice) branches and an old thrift store headboard. Simply paint both the headboard and the branches white then attach the branches to the headboard. Once you are done, you can adorn the branches with pretty birds, ribbons, or glitter.

    • Twinkle, twinkle

    A wonderful option for your little dreamer, you can easily recreate a night scene in your little boy or girl’s room using holiday lights and a large canvas. Simply paint the canvas dark blue then attach a handful of glow-in-the-dark stars. You can then make a moon out of the lights using nails and a little creativity! This is the perfect headboard for the kiddo who is looking for a little extra sparkle - and a bonus? It ‘moonlights’ as a night light!

    We hope these child headboard ideas give you some inspiration as to where you can go when it comes to decorating. And remember, Mom’s Bunk House offers a wide selection of all different types of beds for your kids, so check us out today!

  • Tips for Improving Your Child’s Bunk Bed Feng Shui

    Bunk-Bed-Feng-Shui-Moms-Bunk-House-Texas-KidsIt is no secret that bunk beds are not only one of the most affordable and practical options for a child, but did you know they can actually help ensure your kiddo is getting a good night’s rest? Believe it or not, but the type of bunk bed you choose and the placement of it in your child’s room can make a huge difference when it comes to how well they are sleeping. Bunk beds are a wonderful way to save space, and they are also a fixture that kids will love. That being said, bunk beds can also provide poor feng shui, if you will, if they are improperly placed. For example, children may experience sleeplessness in the upper bunk because of the lack of support it proves, or even reduced energy in the lower bunk because of the presence of the upper bed on top. However, there are ways in which you can increase bunk bed feng shui, ensuring your child is getting the rest they need while still enjoying their beloved bunk bed.

    Before we dive into some of the ways in which you can improve your child’s bunk bed feng shui, let’s take a brief look at what, exactly, feng shui is. A Chinese belief, the main thing you need to know about feng shui is that it works to harmonize people (no matter their age) with the surrounding environment. In a nutshell, the placement of certain pieces of furniture (ahem, a bunk bed) in relation to other items within a room should be done in a manner that encourages flow and creativity. Along the same lines, making certain decorating choices, such as having a framed picture of the family in their room, can actually provide calming energy. Now, let’s go over some of top ways to improve feng shui when working with bunk beds in a child’s room:

    • Test out the bunk bed to make sure it does not squeak, rock, or make any other strange sounds or movements when kids are getting in and out of bed
    • Make sure the bunk bed is sturdy and built tough. Some believe that wood bunk beds are the most durable, but that is debatable
    • Don’t forget about the headboard. When it comes to bunk beds, it can be easy to neglect certain ‘regular bed’ features, such as the headboard. However, headboards are integral to creating a restful and peaceful night’s sleep
    • Paint the bottom of the upper bunk with calming colors or use fabric to cover this blank canvas up. We recommend recreating the night sky or clouds in order to encourage good sleep patterns. One tip - avoid using too dark of a color, it is may make the child on the bottom bunk feel as though they are in dark water
    • Consider draping fabric over the bottom bunk in order to emulate a tent-like enclosed space. Be sure and ask your child’s opinion before doing this, as they may or may not like this idea. The intention is creating a feeling of security, which is particularly effective for younger children.
    • Pay attention to what colors you are using in your child’s room, in general. Typically, you should try and create the right balance of yin and yang, which means it should not be too dark or too bright

    The intention of feng shui is create harmony and balance in the home, no matter what room it is. In order to make the best out of the space you are working with - such as a child’s room - do what you can to enhance its feng shui. And remember, Mom’s Bunk House offers a wide selection of both boys and girls bunk beds, so be sure and browse our selection today.

  • Bunk Bed Safety Tips

    Bunk-Bed-Safety-Moms-Bunk-House-Texas-KidsBunk beds are a wonderful option for families with numerous children or for those who want extra sleeping space for sleepovers. Not only are they functional, but bunk beds are also quite affordable and come in a range of styles and materials, allowing you to choose the best option for your family needs. Last but not least, bunk beds free up space and allow for more floor space for all your kids’ belongings. If you don’t have a lot of room to work with, this is definitely the way to go. We offer a wide array of bunk beds in all different styles, colors, and configurations, so check them out today!

    One of the reasons bunk beds have been so popular over the years is because of the excitement they create in children. Look at this way - bunk beds moonlight as indoor playground equipment. OK, that may be going a little far, but the fact of the matter is that children love climbing and monkeying around on bunk beds. This can make parents a little nervous, to say the least.

    The potential risk of bunk beds should in no way deter you from investing in them, it should only encourage you to focus on safety and make sure your kids know what is acceptable behavior and what is dangerous. Both kids and adults should know how to use bunk beds safely, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few tips on how to reduce the risk of bunk bed accidents:

    • Make sure you follow instructions when assembling - Failing to do so could cause problems with the construction and stability of the bed
    • Do not allow any children under the age of 6 to sleep on the top bunk - Young children are more apt to fall off of the top bunk
    • Use only mattresses recommended by the manufacturer - A mattress that is too small could leave gaps on the side, opening the door for suffocation
    • Make sure there are no openings in either level of bunk that are large enough for a child’s body to fit through - If children notice a gap, they may try and stick their head, arm, leg, or other body part through it and become stuck
    • Discuss proper usage and safety concerns with your children - It is imperative that your children understand how to properly get in and out, and use, the bunk bed
    • Pick the right spot - never put the bed near a ceiling fan - You do not want to risk your child standing up on the top bunk and hitting the ceiling fan
    • Set up a night light near the ladder - This will help them get up and down more safely
    • Put the bed in a corner - This will save space and prevent accidents
    • Check the structure for any cracks, loose screws, or weak points - If you notice any cracks or spots that appear weak, contact the manufacturer right away and do not let your child use the bed
    • Put up guardrails on both sides of the top bunk - This will protect them during the night
    • Show your kids how to use the ladder - In doing so, the risk of injury will be lower

    Bunk beds are a wonderful option for children as they grow and get into their teenage years, but it is imperative that both you and your children understand how to use a bunk bed safely. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mom’s Bunk House.

  • Wood vs. Metal for Your Child’s Bed Frame: Which is Best?

    Wood-Vs-Metal-Bed-Frame-Moms-Bunk-HouseBuying a bed for your child can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience, to say the least. With all the choices out there today, it can be difficult to know which bed will best serve your child for the foreseeable future. From sleigh beds to loft beds, upholstered beds, and bunk beds, your options are truly endless. Chances are you will likely make the decision as to which type of bed is best for your kiddo based on numerous different factors - such as age, likes and dislikes, and interests. Let’s say you have a school-aged child who will soon be entering his or her teenage years. If this is the case, you may want to go the loft bed route, as it will allow you to get creative with the space you have and maybe even put a desk or area for homework underneath the bed.

    Another dilemma when it comes to buying kids’ beds is what type of frame to get. Two of the most popular options are metal and wood frames. There are many different advantages to both, making your decision even more difficult. Thankfully, we are here to help! We know what a big purchase a child’s bed is, and we want to make sure you end up with a bed that both you and your child is excited about. When it comes to determining whether a metal or wood framed bed is the right choice for you, there are a few things to take into consideration.

    Pros of Metal Bed Frames

    Durability wise, both options are great. However, the durability of a wood frame will depend on the type of wood used. Moving on, let’s look at some of the main advantages to buying a metal bed frame for your child’s room:

    • Metal frames can be more aesthetically pleasing than wood frames
    • Metal frames are very stylish and modern
    • Metal frames come in many different finishes and styles
    • Metal frames are versatile
    • Metal frames come in a wide range of designs and colors
    • Metal frames are durable, solid, and can withstand a lot of weight
    • Metal frames are easy to paint, allowing you to transform the frame based on your child’s current desires
    • Metal frames are cost effective and require little maintenance

    Pros of Wood Frames

    On the other hand, there are many reasons why people opt for wood bed frames for their children over metal frames. Some of the top advantages of children’s wood bed frames include the following:

    • Wood frames are versatile and come in many different kinds of wood, including mahogany, pine, and oak
    • Wood frames offer a natural and classy appearance
    • Wood frames come in a wide range of designs
    • Each and every wood frame is different and has its own unique grain
    • If properly cared for, wood frames can last for many years
    • Wood frames can transform a space
    • Wood frames do not go out of style
    • Wood frames can easily be transformed with a little stain and varnish

    As you can see, you can’t go wrong with either option. Be sure and browse our online selection of children’s beds here and be sure and check out what we have to offer for metal and wood frames.

  • Tips for Accessorizing Your Child’s Room

    accessorizing-childs-room-moms-bunk-houseOnce you have all the furniture picked out for your child’s room, the fun part can begin! For parents and children alike, finding the right accessories and decorations for a child’s bedroom is the best part. Adding some colorful and lively accessories is one of the easiest ways to make your kiddo’s room more livable and fun. Before you get started, it is important to keep in mind that decorating a child’s room is much different from decorating your own bedroom or any other room in the house.

    When it comes to your child’s room, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. You not only want to make sure that the room is functional, but that your child’s personal preferences are taken into consideration. Furthermore, it is imperative that you create a multifunctional space that will allow your child to play, sleep, and be creative. This is where properly accessorizing comes into play. From fun drawer pulls to wall art and unique shelving, there are tons of wonderful - and easy ways - to transform your child’s room into something special. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

    • Have fun with the lighting. The lighting that is used in your child’s room will play a huge role in setting the mood. When choosing lighting fixtures for the room, make sure you pick ones that will match the theme of the decor, while responding to specific needs at the same time. In a nutshell, opt for fun and creative lighting fixture that will still provide adequate lighting for all the necessary activities your child will be doing.
    • Add lots of shelving. Storage space and shelving will be one of the most important features of any child’s room. Adding lots of shelving to your child’s room will give your kids plenty of room to display their toys, trophies, photos, books, and any other possessions they want to show off. You can even paint the shelves different colors to give the room that extra something, if you so desire.
    • Wall art is a big hit. Removable vinyl wall art is one of the most creative - and affordable - ways for you to jazz up your child’s room. There are tons of great vinyl wall art options on the market, allowing you to create amazing scenes depending on what your child is into.
    • Include colorful pillows. It is generally a good idea to bring in as much color as possible to your child’s room. If the room is too simple and uses a color scheme that is neutral, it will come across as boring and won’t inspire your child to be creative or tap into his imagination. A great way to add color and different patterns is by using colorful throw pillows. Not only is this a simple way to get the job done, but you won’t have to worry about the hard task of redecorating if your kiddo is onto bigger and better things.
    • Tap into your creative side. One of the best things you can do for the sake of creating a fun and interesting space for your child is to have fun with it. There are tons of great DIY projects that will allow both you and your kiddo to transform a boring space into something inspirational and unique. From painting old dressers to replacing old knobs with fun new ones, your options are endless.

    Be sure to check out our vast online selection of children’s furniture and see how easy it is to transform your child’s room into a space he or she will love to spend time in for many years to come!

  • Why Buy Kids Size Furniture?

    Childrens-Room-Moms-Bunk-HouseWhether you’ve recently moved into a new home and your kids finally have their own space, or you are simply looking to transform your child’s room into an inviting and inspiring space, there are many reasons why you should consider buying kids size furniture. Many parents make the mistake of going out and buying a bunch of pieces that are either too big or just don’t fit into a child’s room.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about making these same mistakes, as there are plenty of options for kids size furniture out there today. Believe it or not, the benefits of buying pint-sized furniture and bedding for your kiddos go beyond the fun colors and themes. In fact, purchasing kids table and chair sets, sofas, benches, desks, and other furniture has many long-lasting health benefits. Here at Mom’s Bunk House, you will find a wide selection of furniture pieces that are perfect for your growing kiddos. From kids chairs to nightstands and toy boxes, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

    Now, let’s look at some of the top benefits of going the extra mile and buying furniture that is actually designed for your kids:

    • Helps with posture. Posture is important, whether you are 10 years old or 70. This is one of the main reasons why it is important that you invest in furniture that will fit your kids and their growing stature. A kids table and chair set, for example, will help encourage and motivate your child to sit up properly. Furthermore, your kids are bound to fit in kids chairs much better than an adult sized seat, which would cause them to overreach to get the table.
    • It’s more practical. Let’s face it - buying kids size furniture makes far more sense than putting ‘adult’ size pieces in a child’s room. Desks, table and chair sets, rocking chairs, and benches that are designed to fit your child’s small stature are far more practical than pieces they will eventually grow into. When it comes to doing homework or arts and crafts, it will behoove you to make sure your kids have access to pieces that will help encourage these activities.
    • For aesthetic reasons. Not all the benefits of buying kids size furniture are serious and practical, in fact, one of the main reasons why parents buy pint size furniture is for aesthetic reasons. Kids furniture and beds are more visually appealing for your children, which means they are far more likely to utilize the pieces than you may think. Having an area that is their own and fits their needs will stimulate psychological development in children of all ages, which is something no one can argue with.
    • It’s fun. Along the same lines as the above point, one of the main advantages to purchasing kids furniture is that it is fun and colorful. Whether your child’s room has a theme or you are looking for pieces within the same color scheme, there are tons of wonderful options out there. Making smart decorating choices when it comes to your child’s room will help get the creative juices flowing, day after day.

    Be sure and check out our wide selection of kids furniture pieces today! We have everything from day beds and bunk beds to toy chests, dressers, table and chair sets, and so much more. If you have any questions about our online kids furniture selection, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Tips for Choosing Bunk Beds for Your Kids

    kids-room-bunk-bed-moms-bunk-houseIf you have more than one child or are looking for a bedroom option that will make sleepovers as easy as 1-2-3, you may want to consider bunk beds. Bunk beds are great for your kids’ room for many different reasons. For starters, they are space-efficient, come in many different styles and designs, and provide a great opportunity for you to bond with your kiddos as you pick out the bed together. Furthermore, bunk beds are safe, durable, long-lasting, and budget-friendly. Whether you have girls or boys, bunk beds are sure to be a hit, while giving you peace of mind that they are tucked in and comfortable night after night. So, how do you choose the right bunk beds for your kids? If you are looking for bunk beds for girls, you will find plenty of colorful and eye-catching options, such as our white staircase trundle bunk bed. We also have a wide range of options that your boys are sure to love, and plenty of unisex bunk beds, too. Before you get consumed by all the cute bunk bed designs, it may be helpful to have a good idea of what you should be looking for and how you will know if the bunk bed is right for your home.

    Here are a few tips to help with the bunk bed buying process:

    • Measure the room. Before you do anything, measure your child’s room and decide where you want to the bunk bed to go. These measurements will help you decide what type of bed will fit and which will be the best choice for your home.
    • Decide on a design. There are tons of different designs out there when it comes to bunk beds, which can be overwhelming, to say the least. Bunk beds for your children range from simple to more complex and come in many different configurations. From trundle beds to bunk beds with staircases and lots of storage, do your research and have a good idea of what you are looking for before you start. We encourage you to narrow your choices to one or two types in order to stay on the right track.
    • Make a list of what features are important. Are you looking for a bunk bed that will have adequate storage? How about a fun design that speaks to your child’s personality? Or are you just looking for something practical? Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what bed will be the best for your child’s needs. As different bunk beds emphasize different features, it is important that you determine which features are important.
    • Make sure it will grow with your child. The last thing you want to do is spend all this time shopping for a bunk bed for your child, only to have them outgrow it in a year or two. Depending on how old your kiddos are, it may be wise to look for beds with removable safety features, such as guardrails. We also recommend going with a bunk bed that your kids won’t be come sick of too quickly.
    • Make sure it is stable. Before you buy a bunk bed, make sure that it is sturdy and will be able to withstand your rambunctious kiddo. When shopping for bunk beds online, we encourage you to read reviews and contact us with any questions you may have regarding the bed’s stability.

    Bunk beds make for a fun, interesting, and space-saving option when your children get a little older. Be sure and browse our selection of bunk beds, we know you will find the right fit for you and your kids!

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