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  • Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

    Baby Nursery - Moms Bunk HousePlanning and decorating a nursery is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Whether it is your first child or third, getting the nursery ready for your little bundle of joy is an experience you will never forget. Regardless of the anticipation you are experiencing, decorating a nursery can be stressful, especially for expectant moms. Thankfully, we have a few tips to help you get started decorating your newborn’s space that won’t cost you and arm and a leg, but will still look the part.

    Before we get started, we just wanted to point out that it is always a good idea to plan for the future. When picking out items to go in your newborn’s room, it may be a good idea to consider integrating a few pieces of furniture fit for older kids. This way, the new addition to your family will have room - and furniture - to grow into as he or she gets older!

    Without further ado, here are a few tips to help you get started on your new nursery:

    Tip #1. Know Your Space. First and foremost, it is a good idea to measure the room you are planning on turning into a nursery. While this may seem silly, this is a good way to make sure you understand how much room you are working with. By knowing the dimensions of the room, you won’t have to worry about falling in love with a crib, glider, or changing table that won’t fit.

    Tip #2. Get Personal. It can be easy to get caught up with all the adorable wallpaper options, stuffed animals, and different wall designs and forget to add something personal. Try to incorporate lots of colorful pictures and family photos to the walls - this will help your newborn begin to recognize the familial faces and will help transform the space into one you will love hanging out in, too.

    Tip #3. Don’t Forget About Storage. An organized room will help you feel better and less frantic and chaotic after a long night/day or a crying, fussy baby. Be sure and check out the kids furniture and kids storage options available through Mom’s Bunk House, there are plenty of great options that are sure to fit with the style of your space while still providing you with awesome storage and organization options.

    Tip #4. Make a Statement with Paint. A good rule of thumb is always to pick paint colors last, as it can be more difficult to find a fabric or rug that matches a paint color than the other way around. Get creative once you settle on a paint color and make a statement! Broad stripes, stencils, a mural, or painting just one wall a bold color are all great options when it comes to your child’s nursery.

    These four tips should give you a good place to start when it comes to decorating your child’s nursery. Whether you are having a boy or girl, or waiting to be surprised, you should be on the right track by following the above tips. Also be sure and check out our online kids furniture selection, as we have tons of awesome rocking chairs, storage units, cribs, and more!

  • 4 Personal Touches Your Child Can Choose That Won’t Break The Bank

    4 Personal Touches Your Child Can Choose That Won’t Break The BankOur children are angels deep down and we want them to have everything that they want, but sometimes leaving a room choice up to them probably isn’t the best use of money since they probably can’t foresee the same things that we can. A sophisticated hardwood bedroom set may not be exactly what your 11-year-old girl wants when Dora The Explorer is available, but she will come to appreciate it later on when she grows out of Dora The Explorer. There are ways that you can avoid the unhappy fits without putting hundreds of dollars of choice in their hands.
    Drawer Pulls
    Using the handles and little knick-knacks that their furniture has is exciting on a child’s level. Adding daisy flowers and pictures of their favorite cartoon characters are a great way to change it up and give them a sense of customization without giving them too much power. Check out some of our designs and see what your little one prefers. This is a little more fun for the family because it is something that can teach your child about how not everything should be taken the way it comes. It’s a great way to show how your child has control over their world.
    Ceiling Fans
    Having a colorful ceiling fan is fun for your child because it is a dynamic part of their room and adds colorful finesse and a sense of “coolness” especially if their room has multiple colors going on. The best parts is that when your child outgrows the style of the ceiling fan, changing the blades is as easy as unscrewing a couple of screws. Easy projects make the best customizations for your family!
    Bean Bags
    Beanbags are a heap of fun and give your child a unique sense of “Cool!” when they have playmates over for playtime. Beanbags are great because if you don’t like the design on them or if your little one outgrows the design, you can just buy a new skin to put the entire bag in to “grow up” their room a little more.
    Paint and Wallpaper
    Of course, the best way to make a huge impact on your child’s bedroom (and on them) is to surprise paint their room! Wouldn’t it be great to see the expression on their face when you change their room color to their favorite colors while they’re at school? It’s always great to play dumb and act like their room changed color on its own while they were away. It’s a fun way that mom and dad can enjoy an after noon together and an even more fun way to show your child how you listen to them and let them know that their opinion matters. Give your toddler a fun surprise this summer.
    These are all great ideas to bring into the lives of your children, but they can’t be done without your family working together and starting out by browsing our selection of furniture and getting a feel for what everybody likes. This summer, make a big change or prepare for a new one. The possibilities are only limited by you, so why not start now?
    Love, Mom

  • How Does Mom’s Bunk House Keep Prices So Low?

    digital-kitchens-low-priceWell, we have to face it. Online shopping is something that people do. We do it a lot. In fact, most of us prefer online shopping to in-store shopping. There are many reasons to this culture shift; most of these reasons are centered on quality and price. Mom’s Bunk House takes advantages of all of the benefits of online shopping to give you excellent quality bunk beds and other furniture for your family while delivering them at the lowest prices around. Here are some of the ways Mom’s Bunk House offers our quality goods at some of the lowest prices around.
    Online-only stores have no sales taxes
    This is a great perk to both you and us. Since online stores are in the purgatory of the Internet, there is no “central headquarters” therefore no state can claim taxes on the products that we sell. This not only benefits us, but it allows us to pass along the savings to you, our beloved customer base.
    Online stores don’t have too many bills
    Electricity, Internet, water, gas, rent, property tax, insurance and inspections are the top reasons that prices are so high in furniture stores. Obviously, if you eliminate these factors, you can offer much lower prices and earn more profit for yourself, eliminating corporate greed while still passing savings to customers.
    It takes only a handful of people to run and manage a website, eliminating yet another large business cost: labor. It takes very few people to manage a website, and if a small team of employees can be trained to perform multiple jobs, the need for many employees is eliminated, further dropping the cost of your furniture.
    Our stock is unlimited
    Do you see a piece of furniture that you just can’t live without but don’t have the built up capital to purchase it? No need to worry, because Mom’s Bunk House orders items at your convenience. We do not stockpile inventory, so there is no loss on damaged and destroyed goods. No storage units required, no damaged goods, and no loss or theft.
    What we have found out is that the best way for us to obtain more customers is for us to give our existing customers excellent service and the best prices. Word of mouth is always the best form of advertisement; and online forums, neighbor commentary and online search engines are our best friends when it comes to spreading the word. These are all free-to-low cost forms of advertising and like everything else that we do, we will pass on our great savings to you – the customer.
    Mom’s Bunk House lowers its operating costs in many ways, and our only mission is to provide our beloved customers with the highest quality goods at the lowest possible prices. If you have any questions about how we operate or about any of our excellent furniture choices, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

  • 3 Important Nursery Furniture Basics

    Pretty NurseryHere at Mom’s Bunk House, we talk a lot about furniture for kids - and we’re usually talking about school-aged children. However, we also carry a great selection of nursery furniture, and we know that for many new parents, furnishing a bedroom for your new baby can be a challenge.
    Unlike an older child, an infant won’t have any furniture preferences! However, as a parent you know that you have to provide furniture that is safe, comfortable, and high-quality. You probably also want to try making your nursery as attractive and nicely designed as possible.

    If you’re a new parent looking to get started with nursery design, furnishing, and decor, Mom’s Bunk House can help! We’ve taken off our “bunk bed” hat and slipped into baby mode! See below 3 nursery furniture basics that should help you get started…

    Crib and bedding accessories. This will probably be your first step and is generally going to be the most important baby furniture purchase you make. The key thing to consider here is safety - crib safety standards change often, and there are many concerns to avoid. This is one purchase that you definitely don’t want to buy on the low end! Be sure to do your research and choose a crib that’s as safe as possible. You also want to shop for bedding for your new baby - you’ll probably need plenty of extras!

    Changing table. This important piece of baby furniture will definitely be a convenience! You’ll be saving yourself constantly bending over, as well as helping to stay organized during a time that can be hectic. Changing tables can sometimes be surprisingly expensive - this ie one item that might make sense to shop around for. Just make sure to consider safety. Usually you’ll want to find a changing table that includes a lip to prevent your baby from rolling off.

    A glider or rocker. These gliding and rocking chairs are a great way for mom and baby to relax together. This is a great furniture addition for any family with a baby that might be fussy or having a hard time sleeping.

    We hope these tips will help you assemble a great room for your baby! There’s lots of other items to consider as well, but if you have these 3 items, you’ll be off to a great start!

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