• 4 Health Benefits of Playing Outside

    Benefits-of-Playing-Outside-Moms-Bunk-House-Childrens-Furniture-TexasDue in large part to the introduction of technology and the prevalence of electronic devices like smartphones and iPads, children are spending less and less time playing outdoors. Gone are the days of sending the kids off to the park or to the neighbor’s house for an afternoon of fun in the sun. However, research shows that children who spend time outside on a regular basis are happier, healthier, and stronger. With this in mind, there has been a push to re-introduce children to the great outdoors and encourage outdoor playdates instead of video game sessions. By making a point to get your children to play outside and connect with nature, you will be working to reverse childhood obesity rates and make their lives fuller overall.

    There are many different ways in which you can get your children to play outside, whether you buy a small pool, set up yard games, or purchase a fun-loving outdoor playset. These days there are tons of different playsets on the market, all of which are designed to provide a safe and exciting space for your kids to dive into their creative sides and foster their imagination. From playsets with multiple slides, ladders, and monkey bars to simpler models featuring swings and rings, your options are endless.

    With this in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the top health benefits children will receive from playing outside on a regular basis:

    • Improved Social Skills

    One of the main reasons why children should put down the iPad and play outside is because it will help grow their social skills. Whether you host a playdate at your house or your kids are monkeying around on a school playground, they will have a far greater chance of developing strong and necessary social and behavioral skills.

    • Helps Attention Span

    Many do not realize this, but playing outside can actually help improve your child’s attention span. Numerous studies have shown that playing outside in green, lush settings can work to reduce ADHD symptoms in children. Furthermore, exposure to natural settings and the outdoors in general can help kids develop a longer attention span, which is a wonderful quality to have as they grow up.

    • Can Reduce Symptoms of Stress

    Stress is a growing problem in the United States, not just in adults. In fact, studies show that our society’s younger generations are experiencing signs of stress much earlier than in the past. However, playing outside and being exposed to the sunshine and natural elements is incredibly relaxing and healing, which can help decrease kids’ stress levels.

    • It’s All About the Vitamin D

    Unfortunately, many kids today are suffering from vitamin D deficiency, which is due in large part to the fact that they are more focused on their electronic devices and being indoors. This can be easily remedied with a little exposure to the sunlight and outdoors. Vitamin D has numerous wonderful benefits, including preventing future bone problems, diabetes and even heart disease.

    To learn more about the benefits of playing outdoors or to peruse our playset selection, please do not hesitate to contact Mom’s Bunk House today.

  • Yes, You Can Still Have an Outdoor Playset in a Small Yard

    Playset-Wooden-Small-Yard-Moms-bunk-house-kids-TexasWhether you live in an urban setting or just aren’t quite sure if an outdoor playset will fit in your smallish yard, it can be upsetting for both children and parents to consider a home without a playset. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, there are tons of different playset options at Mom’s Bunk House, allowing you to choose what will work best for your space. Even if you can’t quite envision an elaborate playset in your yard, there are other options that will still fulfill your child’s need to have something to escape to. From a simple free-standing tire swing to a wooden see-saw, it may be time to think outside the box in regards to your child’s playset.

    Going with the slogan, “healthy kids are happy kids”, it is important to consider all the incredible benefits of providing your children with a space to play outside on warm days throughout the year. It is no secret that our world has changed in recent years, making it less of an option to simply send our kids out the front door and to the park down the street. This is why it is more important than ever to have a playset in your backyard for your kids, as it will make it easier for them to go outside and play while getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D in a safe environment.

    Ideas for a Small Yard

    As mentioned above, there are several things you can do in order to ensure your kids still have somewhere to play outside even if you don’t have the largest yard on the block. Look for compact, simple playsets that won’t appear cumbersome, but will still give your kids something to do. From simple treehouses to slides, monkey bars, tire swings, and fun-loving spring riders, there are many different directions you can go when it comes to creating a safe play area for your kiddo.

    Health Benefits of an Outdoor Playset

    Let’s take a brief look at some of the top health benefits of an outdoor playset:

    • It provides a safe way to get physical exercise. As we all know, physical exercise is a must for all ages, young or old. This is especially true for children, as they need a good foundation in order to remain healthy as they get older. The convenience of an outdoor playset right in your yard is a great motivator for your kids to get outside and enjoy some much-needed physical exercise.
    • It will help improve your child’s athletic ability. Another bonus to having an outdoor playset in your backyard is that it will help promote movement and perceptual skills, as well as spatial awareness, social interaction, mental representation, and sensory integration.
    • It will encourage social interaction. Having a playset of any kind in your backyard is a wonderful way to teach your child good social skills. It is well known that kids commonly take to the playground and swingset in pairs, which is one way they learn to share and be a team player. By playing on an outdoor playset or swingset, your child will naturally be better at making friends and socializing with others.

    To learn more about our outdoor playset offerings or what options there are for those working with a smaller yard, be sure and check out our wide selection at Mom’s Bunk House today.

  • How Your Children Can Benefit from Playing Outside

    Playset - Moms Bunk houseWith summer right around the corner, there is no better time than now to buy your kids that outdoor playset they have been begging you for. Not only will it provide them with a source of endless entertainment, but it will also get them outside. There are many different reasons why kids should play outside as often as possible. From giving them the opportunity to embrace their imagination and creative side to running freely without the possibility of them making a mess in the house - encouraging your kids to play outside in your backyard is a win-win for everyone. Furthermore, there are numerous wonderful health benefits that make outdoor play a must for children of all different ages.

    If you have just moved to a new home or if your kids are finally the right age for an outdoor playset, be sure to check out our online selection here at Mom’s Bunk House. From a simple set of monkey bars to a more advanced fort and playset, we have a wide selection for you to choose from.

    Below you will find a little insight into the physical and mental health benefits of getting kids outside to play.

    ● Promotes Social Skills

    One of the number one benefits to encouraging your kids to play outside is that they will be able to work on their social skills. Inviting friends over for a play date or going to the park so that your kids can run around and be active has many more benefits than simply getting them exercise. It will also help them learn social skills and improve upon their behavioral skills, all while forming bonds with like-minded kids.

    ● Increases Attention Span

    A recent study indicates that children who play outside have a much higher attention span, comparatively speaking. Green outdoor settings have also been known to reduce symptoms of ADHD in children and exposure to natural settings as often as possible is effective in reducing attention deficit symptoms in developing children.

    ● Provides a Great Source of Vitamin D

    Unfortunately, lots of children in today’s society are suffering from vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D has several important health benefits, including preventing kids from developing future bone problems, diabetes, and heart disease. While it is true that there are vitamin D supplements on the market, the best way to get that necessary dose of this important vitamin is through sunlight. Allowing your kids to play outside for a few minutes or more on any given day will ensure they are getting vitamin D in its natural form.

    ● Helps Improve Vision

    Another recent study by Optometry and Vision Science uncovered that kids who spend time outside on a regular basis have much better distance vision than those who play indoors most of the time. Playing outside as often as possible will help your child’s eyes adjust and become accustomed to natural sunlight.

    Now that we’ve gone over some of the top health benefits of encouraging your kids to play outside, it’s time to get that playset! Once you do, you won’t have to worry about your kids going to the park by themselves, as they will have everything they need to keep themselves occupied in the comfort of your own home.

  • Benefits of a Children’s Playhouse

    outdoor-playset-for-kidsWith spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your kids back outside to play and let some of that pent up energy out. Winter can be long - especially for parents with rambunctious kiddos. Thankfully, spring signals the time of year when the TV is turned off and your kids are finally able to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine and yard. As many parents can attest to, a playhouse, swing set, or fort is one of the best investments ever made. Not only will these structures keep your kids busy, but they can also have a huge impact on the development of your children.

    Yet another benefit to purchasing a children’s playhouse this spring? You will be able to use your tax return! If you are like many people, you’ve already filed your taxes and now are just waiting patiently for the refund to show up.

    Before taking the plunge, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the main benefits of playhouses for kids. So, here are just a few of the benefits you will find when investing in a playset for your kids this spring:

    • Stronger bones and muscles. All the sliding, crawling, and climbing your kids will do on their new playset will actually do wonders for them physically. The muscles in their legs, hands, and back will get stronger and will aid in overall bone health and growth.
    • Keeps them healthy. Kids need a lot of exercise, especially as they are still developing. Engaging in outdoor activity, like playing on a playset, is a great way to keep them healthy and active. This will also help fight child obesity and presents kids with a fun and beneficial alternative to sitting around the house watching TV.
    • Promotes coordination. The different elements and functions of a playhouse are a great way to stimulate kids and help them learn how to use their hands and legs together, in a natural way.
    • A good night’s rest. When your kids play all day long in the playhouse, they are far more likely to be tuckered out and sleep deeply. Sleep plays a critical role in the harmonious development of your kids, and sleep is one of the factors that aids in their physical and mental development.
    • Better social skills. Having a playhouse installed in the backyard will give your kids the chance to make new friends and develop their social skills. The friendships that are formed on the playground or playhouse are crucial to their overall development and will lay the groundwork for happy, healthy relationships as your children grow up.
    • Teaches responsibility. Playhouses and playsets are an excellent tool to teach your kids about responsibility. They have to learn to play responsibility and look out for others, while also following the rules you have made for the play areas.

    Playhouses are something every young kid should have in their backyard, as they will be instrumental to their upbringing and provide a great space for exercise, creativity, and imagination. Be sure and check out our playset selection today and use that tax return to make your kids light up with anticipation! We offer a wide selection of playsets, allowing you and your kiddos to choose the one that best fits your needs - and budget.

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