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  • Why Buy Kids Size Furniture?

    Childrens-Room-Moms-Bunk-HouseWhether you’ve recently moved into a new home and your kids finally have their own space, or you are simply looking to transform your child’s room into an inviting and inspiring space, there are many reasons why you should consider buying kids size furniture. Many parents make the mistake of going out and buying a bunch of pieces that are either too big or just don’t fit into a child’s room.

    Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about making these same mistakes, as there are plenty of options for kids size furniture out there today. Believe it or not, the benefits of buying pint-sized furniture and bedding for your kiddos go beyond the fun colors and themes. In fact, purchasing kids table and chair sets, sofas, benches, desks, and other furniture has many long-lasting health benefits. Here at Mom’s Bunk House, you will find a wide selection of furniture pieces that are perfect for your growing kiddos. From kids chairs to nightstands and toy boxes, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

    Now, let’s look at some of the top benefits of going the extra mile and buying furniture that is actually designed for your kids:

    • Helps with posture. Posture is important, whether you are 10 years old or 70. This is one of the main reasons why it is important that you invest in furniture that will fit your kids and their growing stature. A kids table and chair set, for example, will help encourage and motivate your child to sit up properly. Furthermore, your kids are bound to fit in kids chairs much better than an adult sized seat, which would cause them to overreach to get the table.
    • It’s more practical. Let’s face it - buying kids size furniture makes far more sense than putting ‘adult’ size pieces in a child’s room. Desks, table and chair sets, rocking chairs, and benches that are designed to fit your child’s small stature are far more practical than pieces they will eventually grow into. When it comes to doing homework or arts and crafts, it will behoove you to make sure your kids have access to pieces that will help encourage these activities.
    • For aesthetic reasons. Not all the benefits of buying kids size furniture are serious and practical, in fact, one of the main reasons why parents buy pint size furniture is for aesthetic reasons. Kids furniture and beds are more visually appealing for your children, which means they are far more likely to utilize the pieces than you may think. Having an area that is their own and fits their needs will stimulate psychological development in children of all ages, which is something no one can argue with.
    • It’s fun. Along the same lines as the above point, one of the main advantages to purchasing kids furniture is that it is fun and colorful. Whether your child’s room has a theme or you are looking for pieces within the same color scheme, there are tons of wonderful options out there. Making smart decorating choices when it comes to your child’s room will help get the creative juices flowing, day after day.

    Be sure and check out our wide selection of kids furniture pieces today! We have everything from day beds and bunk beds to toy chests, dressers, table and chair sets, and so much more. If you have any questions about our online kids furniture selection, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Tips for Choosing Bunk Beds for Your Kids

    kids-room-bunk-bed-moms-bunk-houseIf you have more than one child or are looking for a bedroom option that will make sleepovers as easy as 1-2-3, you may want to consider bunk beds. Bunk beds are great for your kids’ room for many different reasons. For starters, they are space-efficient, come in many different styles and designs, and provide a great opportunity for you to bond with your kiddos as you pick out the bed together. Furthermore, bunk beds are safe, durable, long-lasting, and budget-friendly. Whether you have girls or boys, bunk beds are sure to be a hit, while giving you peace of mind that they are tucked in and comfortable night after night. So, how do you choose the right bunk beds for your kids? If you are looking for bunk beds for girls, you will find plenty of colorful and eye-catching options, such as our white staircase trundle bunk bed. We also have a wide range of options that your boys are sure to love, and plenty of unisex bunk beds, too. Before you get consumed by all the cute bunk bed designs, it may be helpful to have a good idea of what you should be looking for and how you will know if the bunk bed is right for your home.

    Here are a few tips to help with the bunk bed buying process:

    • Measure the room. Before you do anything, measure your child’s room and decide where you want to the bunk bed to go. These measurements will help you decide what type of bed will fit and which will be the best choice for your home.
    • Decide on a design. There are tons of different designs out there when it comes to bunk beds, which can be overwhelming, to say the least. Bunk beds for your children range from simple to more complex and come in many different configurations. From trundle beds to bunk beds with staircases and lots of storage, do your research and have a good idea of what you are looking for before you start. We encourage you to narrow your choices to one or two types in order to stay on the right track.
    • Make a list of what features are important. Are you looking for a bunk bed that will have adequate storage? How about a fun design that speaks to your child’s personality? Or are you just looking for something practical? Once you answer these questions, you will have a better idea of what bed will be the best for your child’s needs. As different bunk beds emphasize different features, it is important that you determine which features are important.
    • Make sure it will grow with your child. The last thing you want to do is spend all this time shopping for a bunk bed for your child, only to have them outgrow it in a year or two. Depending on how old your kiddos are, it may be wise to look for beds with removable safety features, such as guardrails. We also recommend going with a bunk bed that your kids won’t be come sick of too quickly.
    • Make sure it is stable. Before you buy a bunk bed, make sure that it is sturdy and will be able to withstand your rambunctious kiddo. When shopping for bunk beds online, we encourage you to read reviews and contact us with any questions you may have regarding the bed’s stability.

    Bunk beds make for a fun, interesting, and space-saving option when your children get a little older. Be sure and browse our selection of bunk beds, we know you will find the right fit for you and your kids!

  • Bring Style into Your Kiddo’s Room with an Upholstered Bed

    moms-bunk-house-Upholstered-bed-kids-roomBed shopping for your little one can be an overwhelming experiencing, especially if you have a picky kiddo on your hands. When it comes to finding a bed that your child will love, while providing them with support and comfort at the same time, things can get a little tricky. Depending on how old your child is, they may want to be involved in the entire process. If this is the case, you will have to take into consideration their opinion and make sure everyone is on the same page. From bunk beds to lofts, day beds, and novelty beds, the world is truly your oyster, when it comes to kids’ beds, at least. One other popular option is upholstered beds.

    Upholstered headboards add a luxurious and stylish touch to any bedroom, whether for a child or an adult. They are an especially smart purchase for teens or soon-to-be teens, as they provide support and backing for reading in bed. Many also point to the benefits of upholstered headboards when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. Here at Mom’s Bunk House, we believe in offering a wide selection of children’s furniture, beds, and accessories in order to ensure you can get all your shopping done in one spot! Our upholstered bed selection varies, but we are sure you will find something that both you and your kiddo can agree on.

    Here are several reasons why you may want to consider investing in an upholstered bed for your kid’s room:

    • They offer versatility. One of the best things about upholstered headboards is how versatile they are. You can build upon the “mix and match” motif with fabric and wood, while also incorporating other patterns and colors. Adding both texture and color to any room is one of the first rules of interior decorating, and an upholstered bed will take care of that for you! 
    • They provide a more complete look. If you decide to go with an upholstered bed for your child’s room, you won’t have to worry about searching for other pieces to complete the bed. They fabric-laden headboard will immediately provide you with a completed look, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the design process. 
    • It is easier to make the bed. This is a big one, especially for parents! You won’t have to worry about bumping your knuckles or tucking in sheets with an upholstered bed, and you no longer have a footboard, so as your kids grow, there is no concern about them kicking the end of the bed or being uncomfortable.
    • They are affordable. Another bonus to upholstered headboards is how affordable they are. In most cases, a high-end upholstered headboard is still cheaper than a high-end wood bed.
    • They are stylish. Upholstered headboards offer an elegant and stylish alternative to the traditional wood beds that we are all accustomed to. They are unique and make a wonderful addition to any child’s room, but boys and girls.

    If you are in the market for your child’s first bed, we highly recommend an upholstered headboard. Not only are they safer (hello, cushy backing), but they look great and will never go out of style.

  • Three Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector for Your Kiddos

    mattress-kids-bed-children-moms-bunk-houseWhether you’ve recently purchased a new bed for your child or are in the process of mattress shopping, it may be time to consider investing in a good mattress protector. When many people hear the word ‘mattress protector’, visions of children having ‘accidents’ in the bed come to mind, right? While this is undoubtedly one of the main uses of them, there are a host of other reasons why a mattress protector may be a smart investment. Sure, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of accessories for the mattress, but it will avoid a purchase in the future. When it comes to kiddos, mattress protectors are incredibly useful and have numerous benefits. Not only will they help protect your mattress investment, but they can also help you and your child be healthier. Mom’s Bunk House offers several different options for mattress protectors, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. We understand that mattress protectors may not be the most exciting topic on the planet, but it is something that all parents should be familiar with and discuss.

    Mattress protectors are not only hugely beneficial to the mattress itself, but to our overall health and lifestyle, too. All mattress protectors are designed to fit the mattress in the same way, providing comfort and protection for your kiddo. That being said, let’s get right to the point. Here are the top reasons why you should consider investing in a mattress protector for your child’s bed:

    • Keeps the Mattress Clean and Bacteria-Free

    As you probably guessed, the main purpose of a mattress protector is to save the mattress from bacteria, grime, and all other unpleasant substances that could impact your child’s health. Mattress protectors are waterproof, which means they repel any type of liquid (read: urine) that can help bacteria grow and thrive. No matter how hard you try, it is a given that your child will wet the bed at some point. The constant wetting of the mattress can actually ruin the materials used in it, which will reduce its lifespan, causing you to have to shell out more money for a new mattress in just a couple years. With the help of a mattress protector, the mattress itself will stay dry and bacteria-free.

    • Helps With Allergies

    Another important benefit of mattress protectors is that they can protect children (and adults, for that matter) from allergic reactions. Mattresses are full of microscopic pests, many of which can trigger allergic reactions in pretty much anyone. Dust mites are one of the most common pests that live in mattresses, which is where a mattress protector will come in handy. When the mattress is enclosed in a mattress protector, the risk of allergic reactions and other respiratory illnesses are reduced.

    • Keeps Children Healthy

    Perhaps most importantly, mattress protectors help keep your kids healthy. This is especially true of children who are in school and those who play outside a lot and are therefore more likely to bring in bacteria and other germs. No matter how strict you are with your child’s hygiene and night-time routine, these bacteria and germs can get them sick and make a home for themselves in your child’s mattress. A mattress protector will prevent you from needing to clean the actual mattress on a regular basis as well as provide you with peace of mind that your children’s health is protected.

    If you are in the market for a new mattress for your child, be sure to consider purchasing a mattress protector at the same time. Keeping your children safe, healthy, and happy is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we believe in offering a selection of products to you and your family.

  • Creative Ways to Inspire Learning in Your Child’s Room

    Childs-Room-Inspiration-Moms-Bunk-House-Online-BedsIt is an exciting time when your kids get to the age where they are attending school, forming habits, and parent gaining knowledge. Every dreams of the day when their child begins to form their own opinions and truly get to know themselves and what they want to do with their lives. While they’ve undoubtedly been tapping into their imagination for the last several years, there is a shift in where this imagination will take them when they start school. Whether you sent your kiddos off to school for the first time this year or they are at the age when studying and homework require more than writing their name and drawing portraits of their family, the importance of a proper study area is the same.

    We recently went over how to create a homework HQ in your child’s room, but we also think it is important to think about the various ways to inspire learning in this space. A study area or homework center is about more than a simple desk and chair, it needs to be a space that inspires and encourages creativity and stimulation. Here at Mom’s Bunk House, we are strong believers in the power of imagination. This is one of the main reasons why we offer such a wide selection of furniture for kids, as well as decor tips. From desks and bookcases to toy boxes and bunk beds, we have everything you will ever need to turn your child’s space into a functional one. When it comes to creativity and imagination in your child’s room, we also think it is important to think outside the box. We offer a range of table and chair sets that are the perfect way to change things up and boost morale. In addition to incorporating a modern and fun table and chair set, consider the following when decorating your child’s room with the intention of promoting imagination, creativity, and knowledge.

    Fill the Floor Space

    Your child doesn’t have to have just one area for studying! While a desk is undoubtedly a necessity, it may also be a smart idea to create other stations throughout the room that encourage studying and creativity. If you have room, try creating a space on the floor where they can read, relax, or even draw. This can easily be done with pillows, toy boxes, and a short art station. Another great option is to bring in a table and chair set. This will provide an extra area for learning, and may help motivate them because it is something different than the dreaded desk and chair.

    Make Learning Fun

    The number one rule when it comes to encouraging and motivating your kids to learn is to make it fun. School, homework, and studying shouldn’t be a dreaded chore, but something they look forward to doing. By including them in the decorating process and incorporating bright colors in every nook and cranny, they will be far more likely to enjoy learning.

    Bring in Art

    Beyond painting the walls bright colors and filling the space with loud and inspiring objects, it may also be a good idea to line the walls with art. Whether their art, yours, or professional pieces, this is an excellent way to fill up the space and encourage their imagination to take over. Not only will their eye be drawn to the different pieces, but it may inspire your very own Picasso!

    To learn more about our furniture options for kids’ rooms, be sure and check out our online store today!

  • Best Mattresses to Help Your Kids Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    Mattress-bed-bunkbed-Moms-Bunk-House-ChildrenSelecting a mattress for your kid can be quite the challenge, especially if you are looking for something that will grow with your child. While children easily outgrow clothing, shoes, toys, and other items, this isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to their mattress. In fact, research indicates that many children actually sleep in the same bed for a large majority of their childhood, more specifically their formative years and in some cases their teen years. If for no other reason than this, it is important that you take your time and select a mattress that will offer your child support and comfort as they grow into themselves. By doing your research and selecting the mattress that will nurture and cradle your child during their most important developmental years, you will be helping them grow into a healthy, happy, and well-rested young adult. Because there are so many different styles, makes, and models of mattresses, the task of finding the best one for your child’s needs isn’t always an easy one. That being said, there are a handful of things you should look for when mattress shopping to ensure you are making the right choice. Here at Mom’s Bunk House, we offer a wide selection of mattresses, beds, and furniture that are designed to help you turn your child’s space into one they love.

    Here are a few things to consider when trying to narrow down your search to find the mattress that will best suit your child:

    It’s All About the Support

    While durability and longevity are certainly important, support is perhaps the greatest factor you should consider when mattress shopping. As your child grows and develops, his or her body is undergoing constant physical change. Without proper support, it could wreak havoc on their body and cause problems later in life. Furthermore, a supportive mattress will help promote a restful night of sleep, which is just as crucial to their development. Thankfully, every mattress offered through Mom’s Bunk Beds provides adequate support and comfort. However, some mattresses may be better suited than others for your child’s comfort.

    Comfort is Important, Too

    Let’s face it - it can be darn near impossible to get a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable mattress. Whether too stiff or too soft, a mattress that just doesn’t feel right can be detrimental to your child’s sleeping patterns. Experts note that children of all ages require mattresses that are both comfortable and provide an adequate support system. Depending on your child’s age, it may be beneficial to involve them in the buying process, as it is them who will be using the mattress, afterall. We encourage you to do your research and educate yourself about the various options on the market. In doing so, you will have a better idea of what type of mattress may work for your kiddo.

    Style Matters

    When it comes to helping your child get a good night’s sleep time and time again, it is important not to negate style. Believe it or not, but style is actually one of the most important factors when it comes to how well a child sleeps. There are many different mattress options out there - including memory foam, air, water, and latex. The style of mattress you choose will once again depend on your child’s preference - and your budget.

    So, when it comes time to purchase a mattress for your growing kiddo, remember to check out our huge online selection. You won’t be disappointed!

  • How to Create a Homework HQ in Your Child’s Room

    Kids-Room-With-Desk-Moms-Bunk-House-Childrens-FurnitureIt’s that time of year again where your kiddos are getting back into school, which means the summer fun is a thing of the past and now homework is all they can think about. That may be a stretch, but it’s not to say that homework won’t be a priority this fall. In order to help your kids focus and stay on top of any assignments throughout the year, it is imperative they have a functional station to get everything done. We like to say that the perfect grade for any child’s room is F - for function. As your children get older, it will become increasingly important that they have a desk that suits them and that meets all their needs. Whether your child’s room is equipped with a loft bed or there is wall space for a desk, you are sure to find everything you are in need of at Mom’s Bunk House. We offer a wide range of kids desks, allowing you to choose the right style and size for your child’s needs.

    In addition to simply finding the perfect desk that will inspire your child - and serve as a good space to work - it is important that you take into a few other considerations when creating the perfect homework headquarters. When done right, a special study space can actually make homework more fun and work to motivate your child. By choosing and creating a space in your kid’s room that will provide them with the least amount of distraction, while being organized, simple, and kid-appropriate at the same time, you will be doing them a huge favor. Now, here are a few great tips for transforming your child’s room into an idyllic homework HQ.

    1. Plan Ahead

    Calendars are an excellent way to teach your child how to manage homework and different assignment deadlines. We suggest allowing your kiddo to pick out the calendar that he or she wants, as it will help them form a connection and will actually be something they are inclined to use. Be sure and place the calendar above his or her desk to provide them with easier access to it.

         2.    Make the Space Clutter-Free

    This is especially important for the surface of your child’s desk, as a messy desk can make it far more difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Once you’ve removed any clutter or unnecessary items from the desk, you can start bringing in the basics, which include an adjustable lamp, ‘inbox’ and ‘outbox’, pencil holder, and sharpener. Remember, a neat work area will help your child be more efficient, causing less of a headache for you!

          3.    Keep it Simple

    Your child’s homework center doesn’t have to be complicated and stuffed full of things they’ll never use, or that creates distraction. A simple desk and chair that is clean in design and will grow with your child is all you really need. If you are looking to spruce up the space, all you need to do is bring in a throw pillow or cushion on the chair for extra support, comfort, and style.

         4.     Put Keepsakes on Display

    A great way to encourage your child to focus on school and get their homework done in a timely manner is by displaying important keepsakes. This could be anything from a stellar report card to special papers and artwork. Remind your child of how awesome they are doing by displaying these memorable pieces by hanging them from a clothesline. You never know where they will find inspiration!

    These are just a couple great ways you can create a homework center for your kid that will both inspire and motivate them. Remember to check out our online selection of desks and find the perfect fit for your kid before the school year gets going!

  • The Top Benefits of Ceiling Fans

    Kids-Room-Fan-Moms-Bunk-House-TexasThere are many wonderful benefits to integrating ceiling fans into your home, especially when it comes to your kids’ rooms. While many people opt to have a ceiling fan installed in their living room, dining room, and kitchen, the bedrooms are oftentimes neglected. Believe it or not, but there are numerous reasons why you should think about having a ceiling fan installed in your child’s room that go beyond simply cooling off the room. In fact, using ceiling fans throughout the home drastically reduces energy costs, while also providing comfort, lighting, and style at the same time. Even though people oftentimes go the air conditioning route - especially in humid climates - there is something to be said for incorporating ceiling fans, instead. When looking for an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective way to cool off your child’s room, without the style having to suffer, think about the ceiling fan route. Many kids’ ceiling fans - like those offered through Mom’s Bunk House - are fun and colorful, adding a splash of style to the room, while still serving a purpose.

    Now, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of ceiling fans. If you have any questions or would like to take a look at our selection, feel free to head on over to our website today.

    Benefit #1: They are energy-saving. One of the number one reasons why people decide to have ceiling fans installed in their home is because of how energy-saving they are. They can either be used on their own or to complement air conditioners, your choice. The use of ceiling fans in your child’s room is better for the environment and will also work to significantly reduce your electricity bills. Who could argue with that?!

    Benefit #2: They are a stylish. As mentioned, all the kids ceiling fans you will find on our website are stylish and colorful, allowing to you uniquely complement the interior style of your home. This just goes to show that ceiling fans are far more than just functional; they can serve as a statement piece or focal point of your child’s room.

    Benefit #3: They offer versatility. When used in your child’s bedroom, ceiling fans can help create an enjoyable environment that will work to enhance the overall feel of the space. They are versatile and allow you to cool down a room at your discretion, instead of relying on the air conditioner kicking on whenever the temperatures soar.

    Benefit #4: They provide functional illumination. Another great thing about ceiling fans is that they oftentimes come equipped with lights, allowing you to contribute to the layered lighting design of your child’s room. Fans with built-in lights are a great way for you to change up the lighting in your kids’ room, whether it is time for bed or story time.

    Benefit #5: They add year-round value. Last but certainly not least, many people are unaware that ceiling fans can actually be used to circulate warm air during the cooler months of the year. All you have to do is run the blades clockwise and the fan will work to push warm air down from the ceiling. This is a helpful tip that will allow you to regulate the temperature in your child’s room, no matter what time of the year it is.

    Remember to check out our kids’ ceiling fan selection today! We have tons of wonderful options that are sure to fit in with any style and theme.

  • Tips for Organizing and Managing Your Kids’ Toys

    Messy Kid room - Moms Bunk HouseHave you ever walked into your kids room and just been in shock at what a disaster it looks like, especially after you just cleaned it? Many - if not most - parents can relate to this feeling of defeat and frustration at the sight of a messy, unorganized, and downright destructive kids room. No matter how many times you tell your kiddos to put their toys away, or how many times you put them away yourself, every toy in the bucket seems to find its way back to the floor in a matter of hours. If you have kids, toys are undoubtedly an important and unavoidable fixture of your home. Even though you are fully aware of this fact, the sheer volume of the amount of toys and games they have can easily get out of hand if you’re not careful. This is why it is important to have an organization plan in place. To aid in this organization process, Mom’s Bunk House is here to rescue you! We offer a wide range of kids toy boxes and benches, all of which will help you keep your kids’ room organized and stylish. From multi-purpose benches to eye-catching toy boxes, you will find everything you need to help achieve your goals for managing and organizing your child’s room.

    Once you’ve decided on what vessel you are going to use for keeping your kids toys in order, consider the following steps:

    Take a child’s eye view. When organizing your child’s room, it is important that you get down to their eye level in order to help him or her get organized. Take a look at the space, storage, furniture, toys, and other possessions from your child’s vantage point and then come up with a plan. You may be surprised at the result!

    ● Include your child in the process. While it can be tempting to simply take over and wade through the mess of your child’s room alone, including them in the cleanup may actually help you down the road. Use the organization process as a learning activity, and do your best to figure out what is working - and what’s not - for your child to stay organized.

    ● Simplify and store. Sure, your child’s room is meant to be a fun, safe, comfortable place for them to let loose and be, well, a child. However, this doesn’t mean the room can’t be organized. Start by sorting through all your child’s belongings and simplify. If you have younger kids, a ‘toy library’ is oftentimes the answer. Use the toy box or bench that you recently purchased from Mom’s Bunks to create a selection of toys that they can easily access, and put back when they’re done.

    ● Assess, reassess, and donate. It is recommended that, every few months, you go through all of your kids toys and determine which ones are being used the most and which are no longer popular with your kiddos. If you do a little research, you will quickly find that there are lots of children’s consignment stores or thrift stores that will gladly accept clean and gently used toys.

    ● Make it easier to put away, and harder to get out. Last but certainly not least, the best way for efficient children’s storage and organization is to make his or her toys easier to put away but more difficult to get out. Use bookshelves, toy boxes, bins, and other creative ideas for storage to ensure your child’s room doesn’t turn into a warzone once again.

    With a little patience and some help from our online selection of children’s furniture and storage options, you will have your child’s room organized in no time!

  • Tips for Repurposing Bookshelves in Your Child’s Room

    Book Shelf - Moms Bunk HouseBookshelves are an affordable and useful staple in any home, including in a child’s bedroom. While bookshelves are of course a wonderful way to store and display your kiddo’s book collection, there are numerous other innovative ways they can be used. Due in large part to their affordability and sleekness, bookshelves are one of the most popular items that can be found in our online store. In today’s society, you will find a wide range of styles and designs of bookshelves. Some are more complex than others - allowing you to truly tap into your creative side. Bookshelves serve many practical purposes, but they can also be restored and repurposed to store and display random knickknacks and other household items in an interesting manner.

    By definition, repurposing is the act of altering and reusing an items with a purpose different from what is was originally created for. Many parents can relate to the struggle of trying to create interesting, useful focal points in a child’s room without breaking the bank. This is where bookshelves come in handy. With a little effort and creativity, you will be able to repurpose a bookshelf in your child’s room and turn it into something fun and lively.

    Now, let’s get to the fun part. Here are a few innovative and interesting ways to repurpose a bookshelf in your child’s room:

    1. Transform a bookshelf into a desk. As your child gets older and enters the teenage years, you will likely be in need of a desk where they can do their homework. With a little modification, you can turn a bookshelf that previously held your child’s favorite bedtime stories into a multifunctional desk.

    2. Turn an old bookcase into a reading bench. You can easily transform a bookshelf into a reading bench for your kids by laying it on its side and finding a cushion to rest on the top. And as a bonus? You will still be able to store your child’s books on the shelves below the seating area!

    3. Dual workstations. If your kids are sharing a room or you are interested in having an extra workspace in your child’s room, you may consider turning a bookcase into a two-person workstation. This is a creative, unique way to repurpose a bookshelf that will have multiple uses, while still looking cool.

    4. Under the bed storage. For kids’ rooms that are low on storage, a great option is to use a bookshelf under the bed frame. This will allow you to keep your child’s belongings more organized and utilize an area that is oftentimes neglected. You can also use a bookcase underneath a loft bed for more organization and storage. From serving as a place to display pictures and figurines to being used as a storage area for toys and stuffed animals, your options are endless.

    5. Create a play kitchen. A bookshelf can also be used to create a play kitchen for your young children. It is best to use a three-shelf bookcase for this project, as it will allow you to establish separate sections for different uses.

    If you are looking for new, innovative ways to use bookshelves in your child’s rooms, you are in luck. As you can see, there are many different options for utilizing bookshelves in unconventional ways that will help keep your kiddo’s room organized without losing that youthful touch. Remember to check out our wide selection of bookshelves and other storage option and let your creative juices flow!

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