Tips for Selecting A Mattress for Your Child

children and mattressesWhen the time comes for your child to graduate from a crib to a big kid bed, you may find yourself wondering what kind of mattress is the best. This is undoubtedly a purchase that you will not be taking lightly, as you will be buying a mattress and bed your child will hopefully use for many years to come. Selecting the right mattress for your kid is important for many different reasons, some of which we will go over below. While the task of buying a new mattress for your kiddo may seem overwhelming at first, it doesn’t have to be. We advise you to focus on the same basic features that you would when buying a mattress for yourself. Sounds easy enough, right? Beyond simply using your good judgment and selecting a reasonably priced mattress for your child that is both comfortable and supportive, we’ve compiled a handful of other tips to help you on your shopping journey.

Why a Good Mattress Matters

We want to reiterate that purchasing your kid’s first mattress shouldn’t be a stressful experience, as long as you follow our guidance! Before we go over some of our top tips, here is a look at why kids’ mattresses matter:

● To support healthy growth. The mattress you select will play an important role in your child’s growth and development, which is why it is a good idea to select one that will support his or her growing body. Since kids’ bones are still developing, their mattress should provide adequate support in order to ensure they are not met with spinal problems down the road.

● To get a good night’s sleep. Your child’s mattress will directly affect how well they sleep, which in turn plays a role in their quality of life and health. Choose a mattress that will promote restful sleep and ensure your child is wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning!

● To grow with them. If done right, your child will have the same mattress from the time he grows out of this crib until he moves out of your home. With this in mind, make sure you choose a mattress that will last and that he won’t outgrow.

Tips for Selecting the Right Mattress for Your Kid

Here are a few helpful tips to guide you when buying your child his first mattress:

● Size matters. Take into consideration the age and height of your child before selecting a mattress, as the size you get may differ. A twin mattress is perfectly acceptable for younger children (there are long twin beds available for taller kids, too) whereas a full or queen mattress may suit older children better.

● Think about the type of mattress. There are many different types of mattresses for kids out there, including innerspring and memory foam. Do your research, ask around, and make a decision based on the kind of support you want your child to have.

● Consider the firmness. The best mattresses for kids are ones that offer support while also cushioning developing bodies. No matter the type or size, your child will need firm support.

● Additional needs. If your child has allergies or suffers from asthma, you may need to consider a synthetic-filled mattress that keeps dust mites and other allergens at bay. The best types of mattresses for kids with allergies are those with microbial or hypoallergenic fills and covers.

Buying your child his first mattress is an important decision that should be approached with care and consideration. To learn more about our selection of mattresses for kids, feel free to check out our online inventory.

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